Best Tires for Subaru Crosstrek in 2022

Being an essential part of your vehicle tires hold prime importance when you plan a trip or long drive on your car or SUV. We often pay attention to the engine power and the fuel efficiency but ignore the tire quality and traction capabilities. It gets us in problems on tough and rocky tracks, and the tires’ grip may affect the braking on watery or damp roads.

Subaru Crosstrek being a multitasker performs well in rainy, snowy, or dry weather. Plus, the efficiency and speed performance are remarkable on almost all roads, be it the sticky mud or the sloppy rocks. So to benefit fully from the features of this amazing cross-over, you need a pair of tires that are as versatile as the vehicle.

Well, that isn’t an easy task we understand, and to help you out of this confusing choice-making, we have researched and listed down the best tires for Subaru Crosstrek available in the market that have proved to perform well in all the seasons and possess impressive on and off the road properties making them fit for everyday use or the last moment trips to the highway or snowy track.

Top 10 Best Tires for Subaru Crosstrek

TiresSection widthLoad capacityPrice
Cooper Evolution M/T285 mm3750 pounds Check Price
General AltiMAX RT43225 mm1609 pounds Check Price
Falken Sincera SN250205 mm1389 pounds Check Price
Pirelli CintuRato P7225 mm1356 pounds Check Price
Michelin Premier LTX225 mm1874 pounds Check Price
Bridgestone Ecopia H/L 422 Plus265 mm2149 pounds Check Price
Goodyear Eagle LS-2195 mm1279 pounds Check Price
Michelin Premier A/S205 mm1356 pounds Check Price
General AltiMAX RT43225 mm1874 pounds Check Price
Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring235 mm1609 pounds Check Price

1. Cooper Evolution M/T

Cooper Evolution MT

Copper Evolution M/T tires are designed for drivers who want to hit the muddy and dusty tracks on their SUVs or trucks. These tires are a good option for all seasons and routes but majorly give powerful and confident drive on the off-road routes. With earth digger technology the tires have large tread blocks that help in digging through the sticky mud or slippery dust swiftly.

The built-in mudslingers in the tire create a deep trench-like structure on the tire’s surface that prevents the mud or debris from sticking in the tire and can easily cut through them without extra resistance. Also, the sidewall with trail grip on the tire adds extra power needed for climbing on rocks and slopes by extra resistance to the rubbing.

Durability wise these tires amaze us incredibly with the stone barrier design in the tread that avoids the ridges getting damaged from sharp stones or objects and quickly expel them if stuck in the tire. Overall, these tires offer transcendent traction on mud or snowy tracks and good gripping on wet surfaces for safe and speedy braking. For powerful traction in deep snow, you can apply studs to these tires.

  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Less noise in the drive.
  • Can be studded in winters.
  • Impressive grip on the wet surface.
  • Good traction and handling on mud and sand.
  • Brilliant off-road performance.
  • Affordable.
  • Unbalancing issues during the drive.


Cooper Evolution tires are an excellent choice for muddy and rocky terrains and come at an attractive price, offering good value for money with transcendent durability and traction.

2. General-Altimax RT-43

General AltiMAX RT43 Radial Tire

General-Altimax, RT-43 tires are a great option to go for if you need high quality and durable pair of tires that come on a budget. With impressive performance and drive power, these tires compete with the high-end brands in the market.

Innovatively design tread patterns with anti-slip technology; these tires offer transcendent grip on wet surface traction & enable to maintain the high-speed momentum and quick brake application on the ride.

What adds to this performance is the construction of the treads with low-surface abrasive properties that make them wear slowly over time. Also, they don’t make a buzzing sound while driving & that is why they are great for everyday use.

The company offers you a 75000 miles treadwear warranty. Also, there is an indicator on the tires that informs you about the tire’s alignment, health, and when they need replacement. These tires have traction on all routes and perform well in dry and wet conditions on the road & great for occasional off-road tracks and drives.

  • Lesser noise.
  • 75000-miles warranty for treadwear.
  • Impressive grip and wet traction.
  • Budget-friendly option.
  • Average performance on off-road routes.


No doubt, the performance & durability of these tires are more than their price, and these are some of the best products to choose for your Subaru for everyday use that suits all the seasons and road conditions.

3. Sincera SN-250 by Falken

Sincera SN-250 by Falken

Sincera SN-250 by Falken is one of the best touring tires for all seasons that gives enhanced and powerful performance on dry or wet roads alike. Designed with 3D-canyon technology with large treads and interlocking patterns; the tires can easily cut through sand and dig into the sticky mud with no extra effort.

We compared the Sincera to the Yokohama AVID Ascend, and found the two to be similar, with the Faklen offering a much longer warranty.  Check out our article on Yokohama vs Falken.

The tire grooves are made in an angled design on each tread rib, create a void that provides extra powerful traction and grip in the deep snow, and the tires perform faultlessly in extreme cold.

Equipped with a high sipe-density and symmetrical rib pattern: These tires also offer excellent grip over the water or wet roads with efficient braking and speed control. This tread design also aids in reducing the tire roar while driving at high speeds resulting in more comfort on the ride.

  • Brilliant ice braking capabilities.
  • Performs well on dry and wet roads alike.
  • excellent traction on snow and wet road grip.
  • Reduced noise.
  • Comes with a 75000 treadwear warranty.
  • Less durable on rocky terrains.


Although the handling & performance of these tires impress us immensely, and you get the comfort and drive feel of premium quality tires. But they do get easily damaged on rocky routes & there may be frequent air leaks. So it is preferable for the road and everyday use.

4. Pirelli Cinturato P-7

Pirelli Cinturato P-7 Tire

Pirelli’s name is synonymous with exceptional quality and performance, and these tires represent the same level. With the best road experience and drive performance, these tires are one of the top products to opt for.

Designed for SUVs and mini-truck like Subaru, these tires perform exceptionally on all road conditions, and you can get good traction on dry or wet routes alike. Extra comfort and less noise are also noticeable features of these tires.

Manufactured with a unique blend of polymer, the tire posses less rolling resistance on the road, which makes the drive more economic from a fuel point of view. Also, with the wide shoulder blocks and tread pattern with a 5-rib design, the tires can grip on the snow and dust easily, & you can experience transcendent traction during the drive.

With the angled groove design, the tires evacuate all the water beneath the tires making the grip on wet road better and swift brake application. Handling and grip while making tight turns or in the corners with these tires are quite impressive too.

  • Fuel-efficient design.
  • Great wet road grip with angled grooves.
  • Easy handling on corners.
  • 70000 miles drive warranty.
  • Comfortable and quitter drive performance.
  • Not durable on off-road tracks.


Design and efficiency-wise, these tires from Pirelli are quite impressive and feature great comfort and traction on all seasons and roads. But the traction on ice may not be that remarkable, so it is not much preferable for snowy season and routes.

5. Michelin Premier-LTX

Michelin Premier LTX All Season Radial Car Tire

In case you are looking for premium quality tires that are innovatively designed to ensure maximum comfort and safety on the road, then Michelin LTX tires are the best choice to go for.

Design innovatively with new generation elastomers and silica, the tires pose maximum drainage increasing the overall grip on wet routes and traction through the dry and muddy tracks.

Handling is super easy with impressive braking due to the dynamic response technology of the tires and the ultra-reactive tread design, which enables maximum transmission of instructions from steering, and the tires easily adapt to the changing road condition.

Made from hybrid nylon and aramid belts, the formula-E tread pattern on the tires increases the rubber contact with the road making the tires last longer. Drive performance and grip of the tires are not compromised even after worn out, and you will still feel the high-quality construction of Michelin while driving on these tires.

  • Quite and comfortable performance.
  • Great drainage and grip on wet tracks.
  • 60000 miles tread warranty.
  • Long-lasting tread design.
  • Expensive tires.


If you want a long-lasting set of tires that deliver brilliant performance in all dry and wet routes, then Michelin Premier LTX tires are the best option. Although they are pricey so if you prefer quality and performance over price, then go for it.

6. Bridgestone Ecopia H/L 422-Plus

Bridgestone Ecopia HL

Bridgestone Ecopia tires are designed to make your ride comfortable and smooth even on the roughest terrains. With optimum tread design equipped with deep circumferential grooves, the tires easily remove the water from beneath, making the drive non-slippery with great grip and excellent braking.

Response and handling of these tires are super quick and easy. With high traction and powerful grip on the corners of the wet route. The tread design of these tires is made to have low rolling resistance, which increases the overall fuel efficiency and tire longevity.

Innovative tread design makes the drive noise-free and extremely comfortable with a 70000 miles treadwear warranty which the tires mostly outlive these are a great choice for everyday use plus long off-road drives.

  • Impressive traction and speedy braking.
  • strong grip on wet roads.
  • Comes with a 70000 miles tread warranty.
  • Comfortable and noise-free drive.
  • Less fuel consumption.
  • Not suitable for snowy or muddy routes.


For long drives on the highway or for regular all-season use, these tires are a great option but do not perform well in winters or deep snow. Also for muddy or off-road trips, you might not get the full efficiency of these tires.

7. Goodyear Eagle LS-2

Goodyear Eagle LS-2

Goodyear is known for its high-quality tires, and these are no different. Designed with an innovative tread pattern and powerful grip these tires have great handling and provides excellent traction and stability on wet and light snowy roads.

Symmetric tread design with computer-optimized block size enhances the tires’ response to steering and road conditions and reduces the noise at high speeds. Also, the circumferential grooves channels enable the tire to remove water from underneath giving a stable grip on a wet road and makes speedy brake application easy. The side-wall tread design makes them cut through snow and routes swiftly.

Made from twin steel-reinforced nylon belts the tires are durable and provides strength and safety. Plus, the design ensures maximum comfort and performance in all seasons.

  • Highly durable.
  • Excellent traction and strong grip.
  • Performs well on snow.
  • Comfortable design.
  • Quite drive performance.
  • Less fuel efficiency on wet tracks.


Goodyear eagle tires are a good option to invest in to have all-season tires that perform well on all routes and conditions. They offer good value for money and are all one solution for you if you don’t want to change tires seasonally.

8. Michelin Premier All Season


The Michelin Premier is an excellent choice for Subaru Crosstrek. It offers a lot of features that you need for all-season touring tires. These tires provide a high grip on wet roads even when they are worn.

If they are highly worn, they will stop shorter on wet roads. However, you can be sure that you will get your endpoint on time. Their performance is better than most of the leading competitors. They are quiet at high speed and provide traction even on ice.

These tires come with modern technology to perform multiple performances together. You can have a super smooth and comfortable ride with their stopping power and control driving system. Moreover, Sunflower oil and silica tread products help in enhancing the traction on damp and dry surfaces.

Asymmetric tread design made with sunflower oil and silica provides a center rib reinforced via intermediary ribs. With EverTread technology, it keeps traction on wet tracks even when the tread is worn. The treadwear warranty of Michelin premier is 60,000 miles.

  • Excellent handling and braking.
  • EverTread technology.
  • High traction on dry and rainy surfaces.
  • Short treadwear warranty.
  • Quite expensive.


Michelin Premier’s tires are one of the best for Subaru Crosstrek. Their quiet and comfortable tires will give you a smooth ride all season.

9. General AltiMAX

General AltiMAX RT43 Radial Tire

The General Altimax radial tire is a good choice with high quality and reasonable price. This tire has a lower price than the competitor tire’s brand like Bridgestone’s. However, it offers traction in every season during steering and handling. The symmetric tread shape and modern tech cushion provide high-level grip and traction in the dry and damp road.

Most importantly, these tires come with low surface resistance technology, which increases tread wear and treads life. The treadwear warranty of this tire is approximately 75,000-mile. The General tire provides bad handling compared to the pricier brand tires, but enough for daily commuting. Moreover, they also possess a tire changer indicator and an alignment monitor that help you to know when the tire needs to change.

  • The best tire at an affordable price.
  • 75,000-mile treadwear guarantee.
  • Offers good traction on dry & damp track.
  • Very comfortable and quiet.
  • Comparatively less handling.


Overall, you can enjoy a comfortable and safe ride with these tires. So, we can say that the General RT43 tire belongs to the best tires that would not miss for the Crosstrek.

10. Cooper CS5 Ultra

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring All-Season Tire

It is one of the best models of the Cooper brand. It maintains both the quality and affordable price. The ultra-touring tires are best for sedans, cars, and crossovers. While these are approachable on your budget, their performance and handling can meet the level of costlier tires.

You will see their grip, traction, and handling is excellent on damp and dry pavements.

The tire sizes range from 15- 19 inches, and the speed rating of W, H, and V. Cooper tires have a 70,000 miles treadwear warranty.

  • Exceptional grip and traction on a dry road.
  • Provide good braking performance.
  • Excellent handling on wet surfaces.
  • Low cost.
  • Low traction on a snowy surface.


The Cooper CS5 Ultra is one of the best all-season touring tires, which you can buy for your Subaru Crosstrek. You will enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride with these tires.

Buyer’s Guide

You think twice before buying any stuff such as a laptop or mobile. You have some standards while purchasing these things like how much RAM, camera pixels, or battery life would be there. Similarly, your vehicle’s tires need to well check before purchasing.

There are few things you should keep in your mind while buying the tires for Subaru Crosstrek.

  • The main thing is their appearance. They must have been built with a strong material that provides traction and grip for all types of roads.
  • In appearance, also keep in mind the tire shape and whether they have a tube or not.
  • You have to make sure that you buy from a famous and trustable brand that provides you with a good Treadwear warranty. About 75,000 miles treadwear warranty is best for all-season tires for Subaru Crosstrek.
  • The other thing you need to know is the performance of the tire. You have to choose one of these main categories of tires, extra performance, ultra touring.
  • Touring tires are best for motorways and city roads. They are relatively affordable. On the other side, ultra touring tires provide good handling and grip on dry and rainy roads.

Best choice for fast and powerful cars. Extra performance tires offer more power, grip, and traction off-road. These tires will attract more enthusiast drivers. Touring and ultra-touring tires are suitable for everyday driving.

  • Comfort and noise also matter for tires. The tread shape and rolling friction indicate the noise level. If rolling friction is low, it means the noise level will be low.
  • You need to know which tire is suitable for your weather condition. Some tires work best in hot weather, while some are best for cold weather.

Our pick

Michelin is a well-known French manufacturing brand of tires. In 1989, it was founded by two Michelin brothers. There are many reasons behind this pick, including the best quality tires and safety. It has a wide variety of tires for cars, motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles. Two of its most tempting tires are the Michelin Premier A/S and the Michelin Premier LTX.

Final words

The vehicle’s tires are the most perilous part of the performance and safety of your car. The tires are like the glue that helps you keep the car on the right track. Good quality tires will provide the highest level of grip on any road conditions.

The Subaru Crosstrek is for off-road, rainy, snowy, and dry pavements. Some tires are good for the dry runway, while others provide a good grip on a damp road. But you have to find those sets of tires that can offer all of these qualities.

If you want to enjoy the road trip on it, you can choose one of the best tires for Subaru Crosstrek from the above tire list. We hope this review article will be helpful for you.


How do take care of Subaru Crosstrek tires?

Check your tire pressure every month. And the rotation of the wheel after every 75000 miles will provide your tire long life and safety.

How much pressure is best for the Subaru tires?

The best tire pressure for Subaru is 30 to 36 psi. You can also check recommended pressure of tires on a yellow and white marker inside the driving side for the Crosstrek model.

What’s included in the Subaru tire replacement kit?

The Subaru Crosstrek replacement kit includes changing tools and a spare tire in the box. The Subaru hybrid also contains a tire reparation kit.

Besides, you have everything required for temporarily changing or repairing the tire. But you may need an emergency kit during traveling equipped with jumper cables, emergency indicators, and a lug wrench.