10 Best Tires for Minivan in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

A world ‘too smart’ is a common thing but there are certain products we should never try playing out with our smartness.

Especially when it is based on your life, go the extra mile and take the assisting hand of someone’s experience in the domain.

Generally speaking, when we have to find something to use with our family vehicles, take it no bluff but it is wise to follow the experience of the experienced.

Now, retaining the best tires for minivan cannot be a piece of an issue with playing our smart mind. But as we suggested, do not poke your mind into every single thing. 🙂

There are certain circumstances, situations, and events that we need to cater to before purchasing the tires for the minivan, and that is so true as your life is entirely based upon the right selection of the right tire.

Since minivans are commonly considered extended family-only vehicles, you should not be thinking about revving the engine or cruising at a swift speed despite the fact they have a powerful engine.

Better stick to the recommended tire sizes and the recommended tires to go with your minivan! 🙂

List of the Best Tires for Minivan – Updated Picks for 2022

Best Tires for MinivanSupporting Wheel SizeLoad & Speed RatingPrice
Michelin Defender 92638205/55R1691H Check Price
Michelin Primacy 92446255/55R20 XL110V Check Price
General AltiMAX RT43235/65R17104T Check Price
Kumho Solus TA11235/65R17104T Check Price
Michelin Defender LTX235/65R17104T Check Price
Kumho CRUGEN KL33235/65R17104T Check Price
Sumitomo TOURING LSH235/65R17104T Check Price
Michelin Defender T+H235/60R18103H Check Price
Pirelli Scorpion Verde XL235/60R18107V Check Price
Yokohama GEOLANDAR235/60R18103H Check Price

1. Michelin Defender 92638 – Best All-Season Radial Tire for Minivans

Michelin Defender TH All-Season Radial Car Tire

Minivans are in no way designed to bear the high speed, even though if something is specified on the tire’s speed rating to gain whatever speed you can, it better is to not fall for it.

The minivans are family-rated vehicles, and you must not jeopardize the safety rules and put the lives of your own and the family on board when traveling on the road.

The tires for the minivans should be wider and bigger in size to make sure they cover most of the road to provide the ultimate grip. As the minivans are somewhat larger, do not try turning on the curves with speed due to the chance of flipping/tripping over.

Out of all these safety pieces of advice to cater to during the drive, there are a few tire brands that we may call upon for the sake of safer travel. The family being as precious as anything, taking any other tire available in the market for the price of peanuts is outright outrageous.

So, never compromise on the safety to converse a few bucks. Get Michelin Defender 92638, one of the best all-season radial tires for minivans to enjoy a safe drive on the highway.

Fits good on the wheel of 205/55R16 with the speed and load capacity rating of up to 130 mph/h along with 1,356 lbs of weight to bear, that is pretty much what you will ever need when your family is traveling with you. While 130 mph is just the maximum speed this tire can bear, it is not necessarily required to drive at and close to this high speed.

Although this tire is somewhat high in price, the MaxTouch technology used ensures it spreads evenly on the road, providing a long treadwear life even at the high air pressure.

  • Lightweight build.
  • Best for highway and terrain road conditions.
  • Works best in all seasons.
  • Avoid unnecessary braking and drifting to not lose the treadwear immediately.

2. Michelin Primacy 92446 – Best Performance Radial Tire

Michelin Primacy AS All-Season Radial Car Tire for Minivan

The long-distance is hard to catch. It is no less than a test that you have to go through. You ought to be mentally and physically prepared, and sometimes it is possible to drive at a high but controllable speed to catch up with the miles.

But it never is an easier task to find a suitable tire for your minivans. But with us, all you get the reliable tires to go into the minivans to achieve the long journeys with comfort and style.

Peace of mind is what you demand, not all the sports cars that can go on long road trips. Passenger-driven cars can also do long road trips without any problem if you are guaranteed to have the recommended and suitable tire as that is a vital source to rely upon during travel.

Matter of fact, Michelin Primacy 92446 is the top-most and best performance radial tire to rely upon, and if you have been thinking of cruising at a relatively faster speed (at around the speed limit), this tire is the perfect buy for your minivan.

Although Michelin Primacy is rated for the all-season work on the road, being a radial tire, this comes with somewhat hard material putting excessive strain on your all shocks. So, beware to go slow on the potholes and bumps to avoid damaging the shocks and struts.

And that is the very reason the radial tires are prone to turn bald instantly due to extreme braking and skidding, along with the lower tread depth of 9.5/32” does not let it last that long.

The speed rating of this tire ensures it can retain the highest top speed of 149 mph but we would never advise constantly driving at such a fast speed because it is merely a minivan with the fear of overturning on the turns.

110 load index and that can easily absorb over 1,819 lbs, so expect all four tires to retain the heavier weight caused by the passengers and the vehicle itself.

Get this beautiful all-black tire installed on any of the rims sizing to 255/55R20 and XL guaranteeing the sidewalls are stronger enough to withstand up to the maximum weight without a problem even if the tire is somewhat under-inflated.

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  • Bears heavier weight thanks to its XL-rated sidewalls.
  • All-season radial tire.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Somewhat pricey.

3. General AltiMAX RT43 – Best-Treaded Radial Tire

General AltiMAX RT43

The known brand all over the world, General AltiMAX RT43.

If you ask us what is the best-treaded radial tire in the market, we would not mind naming General AltiMAX RT43 out of all the choices.

Reliability, affordability, and sustainability; the radial tires do not back off from such claims, and this one from General comes with no exception.

Best fits on the rim size of 235/65R17, we sniff no issues saying no to this tire to go with your 2021 Chrysler Voyager, the premium-rate minivan in the U.S. with the capacity to do long road trips.

Thankfully, its all-season rating enables you to enjoy the long road trips without a problem. If you have been a frequent driver busy knocking off the entire summer season on exploring the worth-watching spots around the country, we bet this tire can last the season-long drive peacefully.

Get to install the tire on your beauty and forget about considering anything for one complete year!

Although, it is best advised not to run it on the off-road locations and only over the highways and paved roads because that may cause terrible tear and wear to the tire.

The acceptable speed rating of T with a load index of around 104 collectively delivers the outstanding road experience even at stuffing the weight to the top mark. To be exact, it can easily withstand over 1,984 lbs while giving the top sustainable speed of 118 mph.

Again stressing, this is only the specified top speed and not something that you should always try to match on the highways for your own safety and the vehicles.

Have it and forget to give rest to your minivan, this is what we can certainly claim! 🙂

  • Known brand all over the world.
  • One best all-season radial tire.
  • Can take on higher than expected.
  • A little heavier would require two folks.

4. Kumho Solus TA11 – Best Chrysler Voyager Tire

Kumho Solus TA11 Tire

Undoubtedly, we are the biggest admirer of Kumho! It is not just durable but design-wise, that’s pure heart-throbber!

Not guaranteed but warranted to live over 75K miles, the whooping feature for such an affordable tire as others may find trembling to perform beyond 40K’s mark.

The all-season workability, how soon you can hit 75K miles? Two years? Three years!? That does not matter at all. What matters here is that bold and sound 75K miles’ warranty regardless of when your odometer hits the reading.

Thanks for being an affordable all-season radial tire, be it wet or utmost dry road conditions prevailing scorching heat, Kumho Solus TA11 would not go under-performing state for sure.

Zig-zag tread design surely minimizes the treadwear and that is the only feature of the tire that ensures to achieve that unimaginable 75K mileage warranty.

To our utter surprise, the specified rating of M+S is the real deal-breaker here! Not all should know the worth of this tire despite that mileage claim, the second top-most and admirable one being designated as an M+S tire.

M+S simply proves despite being an all-season tire, it can better perform in muddy and snowy conditions, and to further elaborate this part, you can test some off-roading in snow-covered pathways and go through the muddy potholes in rainy seasons without needing to wear the road chains.

Despite all these notable features, its 104T collectively delivers the vast load-bearing capacity at the top manageable speed without hitting any issues. So, we are talking about a single tire offering the max load capacity of 1,984 lbs by managing to gain the top sustaining speed of over 118 mph.

Get them up on your 2021 Chrysler Voyager, and you would not question your pick in the future!

  • Works well on 235/65R17 wheel size.
  • Impressive and simpler design.
  • Gives adequate power to you during the drive.
  • May skid on the hard turns.

5. Michelin Defender LTX – Best Mud & Snow Radial Tire

Michelin Defender LTX Radial Tire

It’s ‘Michelin’ day!

You surely would be surprised why you have been seeing a lot of Michelin over here! 🙂

For the detail-quenching brains, the issue here is, Michelin is the top-notch brand famous amongst the domestic drivers. It offers a soft, reliable radial tire that is difficult to find from other brands.

Relatively higher in price, but that sums up the quality that it brings to the radial tire. Just top-of-the-line tires come directly from Michelin.

So, that is the very reason you have been noticing the abundance of Michelin tires down here. 🙂

So, coming back to the topic, Michelin Defender LTX, the ultimate M+S (mud & snow-rated radial tire) is all set ready to roll on the road regardless of any time of the year, any ongoing season.

Its all-seasonal build allows it to roam throughout the country, and some offroading as well but we believe not to extensively do that after all, it is for your 2020 Chrysler Pacifica AWD Launch Edition, known as the family-rated vehicle.

Providing excellent road grip, the way the tread design stops the chances of skidding even on the wet roads so you should be able to hit the immediate brake when needed.

The tread depth of around 12.32” confirms the long usage, and the softer build with stronger sidewalls enables it to go through the potholes without massive jerks.

Talking about the maximum load capacity, it takes over the load of 1,984 lbs with the speed rating of T ensuring the top sustaining speed of 118 mph is more than sufficient for this kind of tire.

To be exact, the treadwear warranty which Michelin provides is a whopping 70K miles! So, you are not going to replace the tire anytime soon when you have a Michelin Defender LTX!

  • One of the best all-season radial tires.
  • Works well in mud and snow paths.
  • Good tread depth.
  • A little high-priced.

6. Kumho CRUGEN KL33 – Best 104H Rating Radial Tire


What we love more about Kumho CRUGEN KL33 is its tread design!

The way the tread is designed takes you to retain the faster speed on the paved highways giving you better traction and grip on the road surface and distributing the load around all four tires evenly.

To emphasize more on the tread part, it certainly provides better road grip through its deep micro threads coming up with hundreds of gripping edges smaller to the extent the tire does not skid or lose traction in any weather conditions.

This all-season rating is the second top-liked feature that lets you enjoy riding the vehicle in any season, any time, and anywhere.

Kumho CRUGEN KL33 that goes comfortably on the rim sizing to 235/65R17 is the perfect fit for your beauty, 2020 Chrysler Pacifica AWD Launch Edition.

Unlike other high-treaded tires, this one is exceptionally low in price, providing you an advantage to buy without putting strain on your wallet.

104V, the rating that allows the single tire to absorb over 1,984 lbs as well as retain the top speed of 149 mph. Although you should never try taking your vehicle to this high speed, that specified top speed is merely an indicator the tire can match to such a high speed at the full load.

Plan to explore the states after states this summer, we guarantee this tire set from Kumho should be enough to go thousands of miles because of its acclaimed warranty of living up to 60K miles before you would think about replacement.

Quite at the road that is totally opposite from what the radial tires are known for and allows you to enjoy comfortable rides on the highways. But if you have been thinking of taking them off-roading, sorry but you should not!

  • Beautiful tread design enables you to last thousand of miles.
  • Good sized tread depth.
  • Ensures higher speed.
  • Heavier to transport.

7. Sumitomo TOURING LSH – Best Touring Radial Tire


Out of our best tires for minivan review, we never stick to brand-only tires, and hence that is the core reason you would be experiencing to see different tires from different and relatively unknown brands.

And this Sumitomo TOURING LSH tire is the prime example of it. Despite the fact it is an unknown brand, this exclusively is the best touring radial tire not because of its name but the experience the vehicle owners have tasted so far.

Goes good to your wheel of 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Touring Plus, we know this specific minivan is certainly for the long tours. And Sumitomo TOURING LSH is the perfect tire for such extended long tours!

But not all the wheels can take it on. Your vehicle should support the wheel size of 235/65R17 for it to sit upon.

104H, that may give you a perception the tire would be at the lower end of the weight capacity and the speed index but it really is not the case. It supports over 1,984 lbs in weight load capacity with a top speed of 130 mph. Not that you should always hit to the brinks of both indexes but it certainly clarifies to take on much of the both than your expectations.

The adequate tread depth of 10/32” is quite enough to last a year or two because of its all-seasonality build. Be it winter or hot scorching summer, the tire would work beyond your expectations for sure.

  • Simply the super-affordable tire.
  • Performs well in the all-season drive.
  • Best for touring purposes.
  • Heavy to lift.

8. Michelin Defender T + H – Best All-Season Radial Tire for Chrysler Pacifica

Michelin Defender TH

Some tires are way costlier than we think, but those who are, are meant to be costlier because of their outperformance, quality build, and travel reliability.

Out of all our picks, we never ever try to compromise on the quality based on listing only the low-priced tires.

And one thing that we want to clear out here; minivans are mostly considered as family-only cars. And when the family is on, there is nothing left to compromise for the sake of conversing for a few bucks. Those few bucks can literally cause irreparable damage sooner or later.

So, Michelin Defender T + H, literally the costlier tire that we have listed so far, is ready to boom your travel experience. The experience you would never ever have felt at all in your life.

Not only would it be felt by the driver, but the passengers would feel the same; the smoothness, outperforming grip, and the reduced vibration even on the potholes and bumps can mean the drive is worth experiencing.

The T + H here is the real catch; this radial tire is capable of driving comfortably on the highway and terrain that are a bit rough. So, you must enjoy riding over the tires for long road trips without an issue if you keep the maximum load in check, and the tires inflated up to the recommended air pressure.

Longer than all, this Michelin Defender T+ H can live up to record 80,000 miles before it runs out of the recommended tread level. Now, you should not sit back at home worrying about the tread turning bald, and we are estimating about 3 to 4 years of road trips!

  • Best all-season radial tire for the minivan.
  • Glide on the highway without a problem.
  • Super 80,000 miles treadwear warranty.
  • High-priced tire.

9. Pirelli Scorpion Verde XL – Best XL Tire for Minivan

Pirelli Scorpion Verde XL

Surprised? And we bet you would have noticed that particular trend that we stuck to?

We have been introducing the high-end tires for the minivan this late!

That is done for a reason – the prime picks to wow the real car lovers should be kept at last, and that is what we actually believe ourselves at least.

Pirelli Scorpion Verde XL, the best XL tire for a minivan to enjoy long road trips by stuffing your vehicle with weight which this tire can easily bear.

A good fit for the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L Plus, all we know is it goes good on the wheel size of 235/60R18 and its XL rating never resists pressing down even by putting the higher load.

With the sturdy and stronger sidewalls, the vehicle weight along with the passengers are evenly distributed even if the tire is a little under-inflated.

And its speed rating and a weight capacity of 107V have 2,149 mph with a top sustaining speed of 149 mph is too good to have!

  • Best performance radial tire.
  • Works super well in all seasons.
  • Enjoy long road tours.
  • Mildly expensive.

10. Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 – Best Soft-Treaded Radial Tire

Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058

And here comes the last from the list of best tires for a minivan.

Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058, the ultimate soft-treaded radial tire that gives you no vibration and keeps you static even at a higher speed!

235/60R18, the wheel size is enough to have it sit on without needing to make unnecessary edits and thinking about buying the new set of wheels due to the size’s mismatch.

Certainly, a tire that you can trust, get it on 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited to always provide a better drive experience.

If you can certainly believe the way longer tread depth is not gonna let the tire turn bald, Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 is the perfect choice having over whooping 18.32” of tread depth that no specific tires have come real close to.

Enjoy the single tire bearing the maximum load capacity of over 1,929 lbs and the top sustainable speed rating of H resulting in achieving up to 130 mph. But be advised, such speed can be fatal causing severe damage to you physically and financially.

So, we always adhere to spending your budget on quality tires to minimize the chances of tire burst, uneven treadwear, unstable driving experience, and what more we can list here?

Adding more into the excessively higher tread depth, we believe this tire would surely last over 4 to 5 years if you are not that frequent driver. Although, two years after the production date is more than enough for a tire, frankly speaking, who would be replacing this high-treaded tire just because of that single factor.

  • Super soft build.
  • Formed in the U.S.A.
  • Biggest tread depth than all the radial tires available for the minivans.
  • Not that expensive.


Finally, that leads to the conclusion where we sum up finding the 10 best tires for a minivan.

Minivans are definitely for family use, so you should always stick to the stock size of the wheel as well as the appropriate tire size.

Although, many would opt for some oversize but be careful about it — again emphasize over this statement that minivans are commonly used to take the family members here and there, so you should not play smart over here!

Get them on your minivan and enjoy the unforgettable road trips of your life!