Top 10 Best Tires for Toyota Highlander in 2022

A heavy vehicle is not just heavy on your wallet in the form of decreased fuel economy but bearing the overall vehicle weight and cruising at a higher speed; the second part that severely gets impacted is the tires.

And we are talking about Toyota’s high-end and its heavier vehicle, namely Highlander.

Toyota Highlander registers over 4,145 to 4,450 lbs which is too much for the tires to bear, isn’t it?

Imagine the vehicle staying static for days pressuring the tires to their extreme extent.

But that is not just it; Toyota Highlander has the top speed of over 140 mp/h (or 180 km/h) that we do not recommend cruising at such a high speed to avoid losing the road grip this wide and heavier vehicle can trigger especially at the hard turns.

Just do not use the unspecified and non-recommended tire for the sake of look and feel but never agree to use any other tire size other than stock.

After all, the weight matters the most down here, and using the non-stock tire size may easily send out your Highlander to the workshop from time to time just because of putting the suspension system under constant strain.

Do not do such experiments, especially with the suspension system, alloy rims, and the tire.

Then it is now the time to replace the tires, get over this exclusive collection of the best tires for Toyota Highlander if you really care about it.

Covering every aspect of the tires, features, and unbiased review; we cater to provide the best information to have you decide which tires should go into your beautiful beast!

What we aim is, you would not want to get any other advice after reading this in full! 🙂

The Best Tires for Toyota Highlander for 2022

Best Tires for Toyota HighlanderSpeed and Load RatingPrice
Otani KC2000105W Check Price
Michelin Latitude Tour HP110V Check Price
Michelin CrossClimate2106V Check Price
Achilles Desert Hawk UHP103V Check Price
Pirelli Scorpion Verde103H Check Price
Cooper WayFarer103H Check Price
Michelin Latitude Tour105T Check Price
Yokohama GEOLANDAR104H Check Price
Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2103V Check Price
Travelstar UN66105V Check Price

1. Otani KC2000 – Best All-Season Radial Tire for Toyota Highlander

Otani KC2000 All Season Radial Tire

The expensive midsize SUV is worth the investment, but getting the compromised and underrated tire for Toyota Highlander; that’s bad!

Not that Highlander is an expensive piece from the SUV’s series, the unbearable weight is another factor you need a high-quality tire.

With that being said, Otani KC2000 seems a greater contender to uplift the heavier load of your vehicle.

That tread design is another factor to admire — the tread pattern should allow the vehicle to keep cruising at a faster speed. Even cruising at the wet roads and hitting the immediate brakes, you would experience the smooth non-skidding halt in seconds.

So, you do not have to only drive on the dry road and when it rains, you must not find shelter or slow down the speed altogether.

Attractive by the tread, the sidewalls may not excite you which is common, nope? 🙂

And when we mainly talk about the tread pattern, the good tread depth of 12/32” ensures the tire should be lasting for some good long rides.

Your 2021 Toyota Highlander Limited FWD has the stock rims size of 235/55R20, we see no issues installing Otanic KC2000 over them, but bear in mind, always get to the professional tire shop for the proper installation without damaging the tires.

Rated with 105.0 load index capacity along with a speed rating of W, it offers over the maximum load capacity of 2,039 lbs while retaining the top sustained speed of 168 mph which is too much for the Highlander as it only has 140 mph on the odometer. So, you must be cruising at such a high speed without foreseeable issues.

  • One of the best all-season radial tires.
  • Impressive tread design.
  • Higher tread depth.
  • Somewhat heavier to bear.

2. Michelin Latitude Tour HP – Best 110V All-Season Radial Tire

MICHELIN Latitude Tour HP All Season Radial Car Tire

We need no performance, we need stability when it comes to driving a Toyota Highlander.

The bigger factor or better say an issue, is the deadly overweight. And to counter this issue, the radial tire is relatively a better option.

As we know the radial tires contain steel belts around them ensuring the car moves smoother without building up the heat. But when you ride on the potholes, get ready to experience the extreme and unbearable jerks.

After all, that is part of having to run with a radial tire and you cannot do anything to fix that other than reduce the speed to cross the potholes and road bumps.

Coming back to the technical part, what we term Michelin Latitude Tour HP is the best 110V all-season radial tire available in the market.

So, getting somewhat deep in the line; it has the rating of 110V represents the maximum load capacity of 2,337 lbs with the top sustaining speed of around 149 mph. That is the perfect combination, isn’t it?

And a 65.0 tire aspect ratio enables it to bear the low air pressure to some extent, and that means you can drive it well despite having a puncture (if it does not lose the rapid air.)

Now you can drive on any road conditions (but avoid driving off the highway/paved roads) be it wet or dry to enjoy the maximum driving experience thanks to its tread pattern.

Despite the interesting tread pattern, it contains a relatively lower 9.5/32” tread depth, so expect it to last a year or one and half a year depending on your driving pattern.

But do not worry about this lowest tread depth, the FAZ technology applied on the tread keeps the tire stable at cornering even at the higher speed without skidding and slipping.

  • Adequate tire aspect to work even deflated.
  • Keep the tire stable at speedy corners.
  • Bears all the vehicle’s load with ease.
  • Lower tread depth.

3. Michelin CrossClimate 2

MICHELIN CrossClimate2

The powerful vehicle requires a durable tire.

Because powerful vehicles are generally heavier in weight, not an ordinary tire can bear such a volume.

Its 3.5L V6 engine equaling the simple 3,500cc is enough to estimate how powerful the engine is, nope?

So, the expected tire should not bear the weight part but provide excellent road grip without losing traction, move at higher speed, and get to hit the instant brake without a problem.

For that, we bring Michelin CrossClimate 2 having all these features in one single tire.

Being part of the best all-season grand touring radial tire, we believe you would not be needing to replace the tires any time soon when you have them in use.

Or if we can better estimate, you would not be using any other tire other than Michelin CrossClimate 2.

Since this tire just hit the market not too long ago, the prominence is what we can feel by simply looking at its design.

By the sidewalls, it got no exciting design. What exciting is the tread design!

Still, do not fall for the design but incite your buying self because of the durability.

But again, we super love its tread design – the ‘wings like a falcon’ V-formatted tread pattern makes the perfect contact with the road, so be it raining or the ultimate dry road, nothing would cause any catastrophic issues.

If you can rate it as snow tires, there is no wrong with making this claim.

Although the heavy-weight Toyota Highlander puts so much weight on the tires still its manufacturer claims 60,000 miles treadwear warranty or 6-years warranty (whichever hits first) to enjoy the long road trips without any hassle.

  • Works great in snow.
  • Provides excellent road grip.
  • V-formatted tread pattern.
  • A little high in price.

4. Achilles Desert Hawk UHP – Best Performance Tire for SUVs

Achilles Desert Hawk UHP

The Toyota Highlander is not just an ordinary vehicle, it is a mid-size concluded capacity of more than 3,500cc.

To enjoy the ultimate power of this dinosaur-alike engine, what we need is the best performance tire for SUVs to avoid the bitter experiences on the go.

All in all, the Highlander from Toyota is worth an SUV but maintaining it is no less than a challenge to face.

Now tour all around the States thanks to its long-lasting build. Although it merely has the maximum tread depth of 10/32” on the new tire you cannot expect it to experience the treadwear this earlier.

Register thousands of miles and you would still find the tread merely rubbing for an inch or two after all these long tours. The tread pattern is the one that you should be so thankful for.

Drive worry-free on all the road conditions, and its solid centric rib would not lose its stability even on the bumps giving the enhanced handling at whatever speed you cruise at.

Then we cannot leave behind the real ingredient of this underrated tire brand — 103V with BSW.

103.0 represents the maximum load capacity of 1,929 lbs with a speed rating of V that accounts for 149 mph, although it provides the lower weight capacity so do not try stuffing the SUV with too much load.

And BSW equals to the black sidewall deciphering all the markings, all the numbers, all the alphabets endorsed on the tires in pure black format. This is all that BSW means down here and nothing else.

  • BSW tire.
  • Lasting build.
  • Experience the high-end performance.
  • Heavier tire.

5. Pirelli Scorpion Verde – Best All-Season Plus II High-Performance Radial Tire

Pirelli Scorpion Verde

Hit the market and everyone would be telling you to get the all-season tire for your beauty.

But the hidden factor is, not only the plain all-season tires would be worthy of investment especially when they belong to the radial family.

When we try to get ahold of the information about radial tires, we end up assuming they would be just an ordinary tire minus all the features we crave for.

Luckily, we have Pirelli Scorpion Verde for your 2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited AWD, the class with the class tires known as being the best all-season plus II high-performance radial tire.

This long list of features is directly incorporated in just one single tire, Pirelli Scorpion Verde!

Get to hit the long road trips at whatever speed you aim to cruise in all the season, be it dry, wet, rain, or even snow.

Its asymmetric tread enables the tire to provide enhanced wet and dry traction without losing the brakes. And the handling at a variety of speeds would not cause any issues as well.

Unlike the many radial tires available in the market, this one hardly produces any noise at any speed, so drive with your windows rolled down and you would hardly feel any noise banging your ears.

Fit it over 245/55R19 but make sure you are using the stock rim size for your SUV to enjoy the comfortable rides all the time. The unspecified rim size than the stock one would ultimately put a lot of strain on your suspension system, mind it!

  • Best performance radial tire for your Toyota Highlander.
  • Works great in all-season cruises.
  • Asymmetric tread.
  • The lower range of the max load capacity.

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6. Cooper WayFarer

Cooper Wayfarer

Thank you, Cooper WayFarer down in the line recognized as the best all-season 245/55R19 tire!

Owning 2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited AWD and it is about time to replace the tire in these two years; Cooper WayFarer would not disappoint you in all the angles of performance.

Be it the price to the compound to the durability; all of the features tick to their maximum level providing outstanding performance on the go.

The Toyota Highlander is definitely overweight no matter what model it is but these tires do not offer much to cope with the weight. The offering load index rating of 103.0 is capable of withstanding 1,929 lbs of weight, so we advise not to stuff more luggage other than the passengers to avoid crossing and reaching close to the weight limit.

But the speed rating tells otherwise; the H rating associated with the top sustaining speed accounts for 130 mph which is too fast to ride this heavy beast!

A quality tire with proven tread and a high-end compound is ready to roll with you. And how lasting they would be, you can easily assume by its manufacturer-provided warranty of up to 50,000 miles which can easily let it surpass two years of extreme usage.

The major factor of this newly-marketed tire is the deeper tread depth hitting over 12.5/32” that preserves it turning bald due to excessive braking and cruising.

Enjoy the hard turns, test the immediate braking and the ride’s smoothness; Cooper WayFarer would truly never disappoint the hardcore drivers.

  • 50,000 miles of warranty.
  • Great tread depth.
  • Responsive at immediate brakes.
  • Provides lower weight capacity.

7. Michelin Latitude Tour

Michelin Latitude Tour

Never fall into the trap of the designs. If the designs excite you, believe us, you would be ending up having the worst product in hand.

And the tire is not just a product; your life relies upon it. So, selecting something that is not a good fit, be ready to face the massive ordeal.

Car crashes are the worst; they either end up fatal or tripling the body for an irreparable lifetime.

While this contains 105T load capacity and speed rating; the combination offers to handle 2,039 lbs but a lower top speed rating of 118 mph but that is not bad at all given the fact this SUV is totally overweight and cruising it at low speed is never a bad idea.

Thanks to its special compound used to build the overall tire design, this exclusively ensures the tire does not lose its tread this rapidly, having it to roll over the road for about good 65,000 miles while improving the fuel efficiency.

No matter wherever you roll, what season you drive in, there should be reduced resistance allowing you to smoothly handle the steering.

It also has the radial tire but Michelin Comfort Control Technology guarantees you feel less road noise and vibrations to enjoy the ride even with all the windows rolled down.

Now, bear the best performance while riding the Toyota Highlander at whatever speed suits you, and claim no problems at all with this tire lasting two to three years.

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  • Provides the best 65,000 miles warranty.
  • Includes exclusive Comfort Control Technology for lower road noise.
  • Enjoy the best performance.
  • A bit expensive tire.

8. Yokohama GEOLANDAR


Some awesome brands need not be that expensive. This is just a wrong misconception that branded products are generally high-priced.

Yokohama is, undoubtedly, a trusted brand all over the world, and when we have the 2018 Toyota Highlander Hybrid LE AWD with the stock rim size of 245/60R18, that is double the fun, we must tell!

Being in the market known as the best highway terrain all-season radial tire, the tread pattern is as simple as you can expect to comfortably drive at a faster speed. And no weather situation and road conditions should bother you until and unless you are driving on the highway.

And then being a highway terrain-only tire, get it rolling as long as you want without stopping for a second. This outstanding tire is no less than a blessing — you do not need to cool it down intermittently and can knock down hundreds of miles in one go.

The tread just like any other high-end radial tires have, you can certainly expect it would last extra long thanks to its 12/32” tread depth but avoid pressing the intermittent brakes and try to burnout as it may severely damage the tire, the common issue almost all the radial tires have.

Enough weight-bearing capacity of 104.0 good to withstand over 1,984 lbs and its top sustaining speed of whopping 130 mph.

  • Enjoy the long road trips cruising on the highway.
  • Enough tread depth to last up to two years.
  • Does not need to halt on the go.
  • Offers lower load index.

9. Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2

Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2

Okay, that admissible this gigantic Toyota Highlander is good to stuff to its maximum space but why use such a beauty to transport logistics?

This entirely is not a way to handle a car. We ought to use it to transport the passengers other than the logistics.

With Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2, the best passenger radial tire is all good to ride long routes jam-packed with passengers.

Do not just probe into its prominent performance, this passenger-radial tire would not give enough in terms of performance but the confidence and durability to cruise at an acceptable speed with all your loved ones on board.

So, that is the safety measure that you should cater for instead of expecting the performance to knock down the miles instantly.

If the performance is all over your brain, Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 is not for you.

With digging deep into the features of this exclusive tire, it goes well to fit onto the 245/55R19 rim that the 2017 Toyota Highlander LE Plus FWD offers.

Then its 103V ratings combined offer 1,929 lbs as maximum load capacity with a top sustaining speed of around 149 mph. Again, do not try matching this speed on the odometer to avoid any unfortunate mishaps.

  • Known as the best passenger radial tire.
  • Durable construction.
  • Lasting performance.
  • Only to drive with passengers.

10. Travelstar UN66 – Best High-Performance Tire for Toyota Highlander

Travelstar UN66

Lucky you, here we come with the best high-performance tire in the range of peanuts.

If anyone is complaining that the prices are really high for Toyota Highlanders’ tires; we can certainly live up to that claim.

That was the reason we said ‘lucky you!’ as we have to present Travelstar UN66, especially for the price-mongers.

Of course, Toyota Highlander is way costlier than the many standard vehicles, and the midsize SUVs and that is the same reason it got bigger rims and hardly any tires to match with that.

Limited options are the first and major aspect of finding only the expensive tires but amongst the expensive line of options, Travelstar UN66 will definitely stun you not in the price, but the features as well.

Although, you can use this tire in all weather conditions and what is more surprising here is the exclusive M+S designated rating enabling it to outperform many radial tires available in the market when the roads are totally covered with snow and mud.

And its tread pattern ensures good braking distance, picking the speed in no time, cruising without producing noticeable sound, and is super fuel-efficient.

Having an adequate tread depth of more than 11/32” can get it to last for a complete year with extensive usage. And if you drive with a bit of care, it may easily survive at least two years or even more. 🙂

  • Best Mud and Snow radial tire.
  • Impressive tread pattern.
  • Super affordable and fuel-efficient.
  • Do not run with low air pressure.

The Exclusive Buying Guide Picking the Best Tires for Toyota Highlander

When picking the tires for Toyota Highlander, there are just a few aspects you need to cater to.

So, what are they? Let’s find them out together.

Higher Load Index Rating

Toyota Highlander weighs around 5,665 lbs that seem super heavy for any tire to hold.

That is the valid reason not all the tires can work with Toyota Highlander given the fact it even fits the stock rim size.

So, how to cope with this issue of finding the stock tire size with higher load capacity.

For that, you should be looking at the Load Index Rating because that is the core reading you must not neglect.

Get the tires with load index ratings between 103.0 to 114.0 to facilitate the overall weight of the Toyota Highlander.

Load Index RatingMaximum Weight Capacity (in lbs)
103.01,929 lbs
104.01,984 lbs
105.02,039 lbs
106.02,094 lbs
107.02,149 lbs
108.02,205 lbs
109.02,271 lbs
110.02,337 lbs
111.02,403 lbs
112.02,469 lbs
113.02,535 lbs
114.02,601 lbs

Bear With Noise Down the Line

Although, that is an issue rather than a feature.

We came up with some of the reduced-noise radial tires but generally, you have to accept the reality and bear the noise at any intermittent speed.

Radial Tires are Relatively Inexpensive

Yeah, some would fall to cruising Toyota Highlander at the maximum speed due to its enormous engine.

If that is what you are assuming, that is wrong. Such a vehicle can easily tip-off at speedy corners and all. And you can expect how expensive the maintenance would be.

But what is surprising here is the tires that we found for your beauty beast are relatively inexpensive as long as they are radial ones.


Finally, we concluded the best tires for Toyota Highlander.

Bought a new model Toyota Highlander just now, or some years ago with a different variant; our list contains all of the tires matching with the stock rim size.

What we believe is to always use the stock alloy rims no matter how fancy the unsupported alloy rims look.

So, the expensive SUV does not only need an expensive tire but reliable ones to enjoy every road trip! 🙂