10 Best Tires for Diesel Trucks in 2022 – Complete Guide

The diesel trucks are way powerful, and owning one in your home is a pure blessing to have.

And, there seems nothing that can beat the power of a diesel engine; let it own the high-end and high-powered petrol engine.

But to disburse this load and glide the diesel truck with its full power.

And the diesel trucks are relatively heavier than most SUVs, more powerful, able to glide through various terrains; our finest collection of best tires for diesel trucks is right in front of you.

Be it any diesel truck for your beautiful beast, and you can always keep your truck moving in and out of the off-road tracks.

All we can say is, these tires are the best companion to go through all the routes despite the weather conditions and terrain quality.

The diesel trucks with the right kind of tires are what you need the most for the adventure-minded folks.

Take any diesel trucks from the reputed car manufacturers, and never believe in going under-performance.

It is not wet, but the whole pothole is covered with mud; these tires would be able to take the truck out of the ditch even at zero speed.

So, let’s find out what tires we got for your truck to keep you gliding through terrains! After all, U.S. drivers like owning diesel trucks due to the big, powerful engine!

Best Tires for Diesel Trucks – Updated Picks for 2022

Best Tires for Diesel TrucksWheel SizeMax Load CapacityPrice
BFGoodrich KO2 15149305/55R203,197 lbs Check Price
RoadOne Cavalry RL1196265/70R173,197 lbs Check Price
BFGoodrich KO2 52433245/65R172,405 lbs Check Price
Cooper Discoverer STT Pro285/65R183,640 lbs Check Price
TreadWright CLAW C2416E-B2B245/75R162,756 lbs Check Price
Thunderer Trac Grip TH2457265/75R163,145 lbs Check Price
Wild Country XTX Sport285/75R163,748 lbs Check Price
Thunderer Trac Grip R408275/70R183,638 lbs Check Price
Milestar PATAGONIA 2278950133X/12.50R183,305 lbs Check Price
Venom Power Terra Hunter TVPXT33275/70R183,638 lbs Check Price

1. BFGoodrich KO2 15149 – Best Radial Tire for Diesel Trucks

BFGoodrich All Terrain TA KO2 Radial Car Tire for Light Trucks


A radial tire for a diesel truck? How is that possible?

Since these are the compact-sized diesel trucks parked in the home garage are not the trailers and long overhauling lorries used to transport goods.

So, this is just an oversized passenger vehicle, to be exact.

And the diesel truck tires are better at handling the extreme weight with over 3,195 lbs and retaining the top speed of 112 mph, so you should be going anywhere with a full load on without an issue.

BFGoodrich All Terrain TA KO2

A good fit on the wheel size of 305/55R20, let’s not face any bumpy ride and feel no vibration over the off-road tracks.

The inclusion of CoreGuard technology seems an excellent addition which comes with the bruise-resistant by ensuring the rubber thickness on the sidewalls protecting it from rubbing against the rugged rocks and severe gashes caused by the bushes and trees. But, of course, if the sidewall has gone, the whole tire is gone…

This best radial tire for all-terrain tracks, you can enjoy driving through the off-roads covered with snow, mud, and rock without losing traction and require you not to lower the tire pressure.

6-years warranty with over 50,000 miles of treadwear claimed by the manufacturer, let’s keep this tire in play for years!

For the year-round all-terrain offroading experience, this tire would not disappoint you!

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  • Works best in all terrains.
  • Radial tire.
  • Able to withstand the higher weight.
  • Causes somewhat noise.

2. RoadOne Cavalry RL1196 – Best Mud Tire for Diesel Truck

Road One Cavalry MT Mud Tire

Mud is the worst form of road condition, or better say the off-road situation. You cannot just stand over the mud without slipping, be it wearing long shoes.

Ending up using the standard tires not rated for the mud traction, just do not ever try that. Mud is the killer, and towing your truck out of this mess is just a mess itself.

Pick RoadOne Cavalry RL1196, this best mud tire for a diesel truck, should be your ultimate choice when you have to spend most of your time on off-road tracks during the rainy season.

A more significant tire aspect ratio with the tread pattern assists in driving through the muddy tracks without a problem. If you need to hit the brake in the middle of a muddy patch, the tire will help the truck come out with just a minor thrust.

Road One Cavalry MT

And with the complete offering of load capacity, it happily bears over 3,197 lbs, but the smaller speed rating of Q is believed to provide around 100 mph in top speed. Whereas the speed does not matter in the off-road drive, what matters the most is the ability to come out of the mud, which this tire is best known for.

And its lesser tread depth of 10/32″ may still keep it going for a longer duration as it focuses more on the tread pattern, design, and the sidewalls not to get cuts and gashes while best protecting it from all the angles.

Its E-rating is the safest, ensuring the tire is constructed with over 10-plies bearing the maximum air load pressure of 80 psi.

  • Best mud tire.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Creates no too little noise.
  • Lesser tread depth.

3. BFGoodrich KO2 52433 – Best All-Terrain Tire for Diesel Truck

BFGoodrich KO2 52433 Tire

Another tire from the same brand, BFGoodrich KO2 52433, never ceases to excite us. The sturdy build, thick rubber used all around, and the wear pattern are just awesome as it looks. Looking at it and imagining installing it over the rim is just exciting.

The diesel truck tires are expensive, and by the look of the BFGoodrich K02 52433, one would imagine this will be super expensive in the line, but you are just wrong here.

It comes well under the price which everyone can afford. So, make sure your truck has a wheel size of 245/65R17, and this best all-terrain tire for diesel trucks is just for you to rock the off-road experience.

The tread pattern is the real play here, helping to drag you out of the severe off-road conditions without needing to two your truck out. Having this tire, you do not require to ever call in the help.

Be it prevailing snow on the off-road tracks or wet enough turning them muddy, the tread pattern with mud-phobic bars never causes you to lose traction because the weight of the entire truck works as the pulling power to drag it out of the mud.

And its serrated shoulder design with increased rubber placement is good to bear the sharp objects and not catch the cuts on the rock-filled terrain.

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  • Best affordable all-terrain tire.
  • Bruise-resistant sidewall.
  • 50,000 miles warranty.
  • No white letters.

4. Cooper Discoverer STT Pro – Best All-Season Tire for Diesel Truck

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

Be it the highway ride or exploring the off-road tracks to the nearby forest, Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is all time ready!

Known as the best all-season tire for a diesel truck, you cannot imagine its robust and sturdy build, high-end performance to survive the weather intensity, and the convenience of maintaining the tire.

It not only provides a whopping load capacity of almost 3,640 lbs for a tire, but this is also something you cannot really hold all by yourself, do you? Just imagine a single tire with such a heavier load capacity! So how come all four would be doing instead? So be it your diesel truck half a weight that is easily manageable by just two tires. And the rest of them should be able to manage the load that you put on the truck.

Camping in the remote location, your whole family and the stuff required for days-long camping, and then you do not need another vehicle just to carry your family.

Having the diesel truck is not a solution, instead of having the right kind of tire able to manage the weight is the right solution.

First, find what you have to often do with your truck and decide upon purchasing the tire for the same purpose. And having this tire and trying to stick to the highways only and not to the adventurous spots is just a waste of resources, frankly speaking!

So, forget about replacing the tire shortly because that is not going to turn bald for years. The higher tread depth of 19/32″ is proof you should be driving on the rough terrain year long without needing to look at the remaining tread. So, drive under the increased load, go with low air pressure; nothing will damage this highly reliable truck tire!

  • All-season off-road drive.
  • Higher tread depth.
  • Do not lose the traction.
  • Somewhat pricey.

5. TreadWright CLAW C2416E-B2B – Best Mud Tire for Diesel Truck

TreadWright CLAW C2416E-B2B

They are new to many truck owners, and they are prospecting hard to invest on a tire with a budget super low.

Believe us, and we would not grab any truck tire that is cheap in quality but being super cheap in the price is another story.

Loved by the many truck owners, we bring you this exclusive tire known as the best mud tire for a diesel truck.

Though the truck owner may find the price of TreadWright CLAW C2416E-B2B quite a bargain, and instantly developing a thought the tire is not worth purchasing because it might be low in quality as well.

Such a more giant tire that fits on 245/75R16 having over 10-plies, the instance of cheap quality is right. But believe us, this tire has been chosen and used by many truck owners by far with all positive feedback.

So, that is worth trying to rely on. With a load index of 116, it can happily bear the extensive weight of 2,756 lbs while retaining the top speed of 106 mph.

Its remolded sidewalls have reinforced rubber, which ensures that it is strong enough to go through the worst mud without bursting and puncturing.

And it has a 30-days warranty, so if you do not like the performance, you can ask for a refund without any questions asked.

With more tire aspects and broader tread patterns, none is getting you stuck in the mud thanks to its self-cleaning lugs, ensuring maximum traction. Now, you do not need to push it to come out of the mud.

  • Remoulded in the U.S.A.
  • Indicates the tread wear.
  • Super affordable.
  • Forms somewhat noticeable noise.

6. Thunderer Trac Grip TH2457 – Best Longest Lasting Tire for Diesel Truck

Thunderer Trac Grip TH2457

The diesel truck tires should not only be sturdy enough, but they must have to be lasting long because of often hitting the off-roads.

Not all the tires are rated for going offroad, and if you do, you are just doomed.

And then there are some of the tires capable of going off-road, which may not actually last this long. As on the off-road tracks, you do not know how severe the driving terrain could be and how efficient a driver you are.

But all in all, the tread is the one thing that just gets hurt. Whereas, if you have a higher tread depth, the benefit is your tire can last a bit longer than expected (still, your driving pattern matters the most.)

All black walls with black letters, this radial tire for the diesel truck is exceptionally reliable.

This ultimate off-road tire is capable of withstanding over 3,145 lbs with a top speed of 100 mph. So, drive with a full load over the gravel roads; you should only be experiencing the smooth and even ride all the time.

The more significant aspect ratio of 75 percent; and can easily take up the maximum air pressure of 80 PSI without putting the force around the wall. Somehow, the higher aspect ratio is prone to over-bursting when under-inflated but rest assured, the quality build can withstand quite a lot of pressure on the off-road tracks.

  • Best high-performance tire.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Works well in muddy conditions.
  • Creates a bit of noise on the road.

7. Wild Country XTX Sport – Best All-Terrain Performance Radial Tire

Wild Country XTX Sport

Seeing is believing. There is no way around you can dislike a tire without testing the drive.

The looks may lead you to wrong assumptions, so it is better to drop the bad feelings when you post the first look at it.

Wild Country XTX Sport is the best all-terrain performance radial tire for a mighty engine despite its look and feel.

Since a diesel truck is all about power, this tire will never disappoint in performance. The outclass and outstanding performance is what is the key feature of this single tire.

Not an ordinary tread, it comes with a computer-generated tread design to ensure it never ceases to perform on any terrain. And the all-terrain tire seems to have the great designed tread providing a whole load of the vehicle to pass by without losing traction.

And as driving through different terrains, the problem comes that the tire would get the bad cuts gashing the sidewalls. But Wild Country XTX Sport has the sturdier sidewall constructed and implemented with a higher amount of rubber.

Able to withstand a heavier load over 3,748 lbs and a top speed of around 106 mph, the speed here does not matter. All matters are the engine power to take you out of the gravel tracks without a problem.

  • Best traction on the snow-covered off-road tracks.
  • All-terrain tire.
  • Bears more weight than the most.
  • Higher price.

8. Thunderer Trac Grip R408 – Best Treaded All-Terrain Radial Tire for Diesel Truck

Thunderer Trac Grip R408

And we have this tire from the same brand we earlier listed — Thunderer having Thunderer Trac Grip R408 known as the best treaded all-terrain radial tire for a diesel truck.

But that did not happen all of a sudden — Thunderer got the higher tread made available on this very tire, always ready to go every terrain despite the weather conditions.

Be it the track having been filled with extreme mud for miles. The rocky trail has sharp and needle-like pebbles along the way and the soft sand along the route.

The highest ever tread the guarantee the tire has to last extra long due to its 19/32″ depth, and the tread pattern is another source of keeping the tire operational despite the terrain conditions.

Installing this tire, you should confirm whether or not your wheel size has the support of 275/70R18.

And it’s the capacity of bearing unbearable weight while providing incredible top speed, and it can easily hold over 3,638 lbs with a top speed of 100 mph. The speed is quite enough to take the truck out of the ditches and through the worst terrains.

Let’s take to experience the high-end grip over the unbelievable tracks where many tires would quickly fail to perform, and being the radial tire, the common misconception of underperformance would be eradicated from the root.

  • Best threaded radial tire.
  • Loses no grip.
  • All-terrain tire.
  • Higher tread depth.
  • High price!

9. Milestar PATAGONIA 22789501 – Best Tire for A Diesel Light Truck

Milestar PATAGONIA 22789501

Generally speaking, all the diesel truck tires come with aggressive construction, extraordinary tread design, and the bigger and broader sidewalls endorsed with eye-catching writeups; do you believe these are all the aspects that should matter?

The beast at the design and even sturdier at the ride. Taking it off-road and expecting to bear the bumps and jerks along the way, no way is this ever happening when you have Milestar PATAGONIA 22789501!

Known in the market as the best tire for a diesel light truck, this beast can stand up to the maximum load capacity of over 3,305 lbs at the whopping 80 PSI air pressure.

And why you should worry about the top speed because this is the one primary feature that you would be missing a lot. Speed is never required but power. But for the people concerning the top speed, it can offer, well, it is just plain 100 mph!

Whether or not the top speed should never be your concern but this much power by pressing a bit of accelerator can drag the truck out the potholes. Firstly, your truck would hardly face such a situation. And even if it does, a sudden jerk on the accelerator is going to take it out from anywhere!

Made in Taiwan and widely known around the globe — Let’s forget about using the traditional and mechanics-recommended tires. Instead, pick this one for the sake of having a memorable off-road experience every time.

For a radial-looking tire, the look and build of it would leave you in a shocking state for a second to believe it really is a radial tire. 🙂

  • High 12-ply radial tire.
  • Bigger tread depth.
  • Made in Taiwan.
  • Somewhat heavier to hold.

10. Venom Power Terra Hunter TVPXT33 – Best Hybrid All-Terrain Tire for Light Truck

Venom Power Terra Hunter TVPXT33

Last but not least, Venom Power Terra Hunter TVPXT33 is of its kind tires that know no boundaries at all.

Having to drive through any road, on and off, this best hybrid all-terrain tire for a light truck will never disappoint the driver.

Best crafted for the muds and wet road conditions, we believe this is when you do not need the tire to go underperformance. Getting stuck in between the mud is not an option, and only your capable and worthy tire has to take you out of condition.

Ensuring the maximum load capacity of 3,638 lbs while retaining the top speed of 106 mph should keep you moving through the off-road tracks. Going on the hunt or chasing the deer in an off-road situation, this tire has all the features embedded to make sure it does not lose traction at all.

Along with all the load capacity and the top speed, the ‘E’ clearly indicates its maximum pressure to be well under 8 PSI for outstanding performance.

Although the tire needs to go through sharp pebbles and is uncertain of all-terrain tracks, the air pressure exceeding the limit could be dangerous for the longevity of the tire.

Good to last all-terrain drive with an all-season rating, you can easily steer it over the on-road and off-road road types.

But here is the reportedly bad feature; the smaller tread depth can have the tire turn bald real quick. So, it would greatly help if you always kept an eye on the remaining depth that ensures the safety of your vehicle and the passengers.

  • Beast at a look.
  • All-season and an all-terrain tire.
  • Best fits on a light truck.
  • Just smaller tread depth.

The Exclusive Buying Guide for Opting the Tires for Diesel Trucks

There are just certain aspects we need to cater to when picking the best tires for diesel trucks.

And it is not just the price element confirming and guaranteeing you got the right tire for your diesel truck.

So, you must be going through this whole part of the review to make sure you can struggle to purchase your favorite tires for diesel trucks.

Rated for All-Terrain?

All in all, the first step is to find out what your tire has to offer and what is embossed on the sidewalls giving you the ability to read and understand those terms.

If your tire reads All-Terrain, you got the right tire for your diesel trucks, often hitting the various terrains, including mud and snow.

So, the off-road experience can only be fully enjoyed by having the tire rated with all-terrain and nothing else.

Higher Ply

The higher the ply is, the better and stronger build it has.

Go for the tires that have over 10-ply ratings, and the more, the better.

Longer Tread Depth

First, in the row, we believe the tires that are used in the event of off-road experience should contain a more extended thread depth.

Having a more extended tread depth helps to keep the tire staying in an operational state for long.

And you cannot expect how bumpy the off-road tracks are, making you feel the jerks and vibration all along the route. So, the tread comes as the buffer to resist the vibrations and always provides you with a comfortable ride.

All-Season Rating

All-season and all-terrain are two different terms that come with their different expectations and results.

With your tire having an all-season rating, it makes sure the tire should perform even in winter and during the scorching heat.


Worrying or not, picking the best tires for diesel trucks is somewhat a challenge to face.

Although, not everyone is well versed in picking the tires for your diesel truck.

So, they tend to outperform the many regular tires available in the market.

Do not trust the ordinary tires even if they match the more oversized vehicles without fear of bursting and puncturing.