How Much Do Motorcycle Tires Cost In 2022?

The acceleration, braking, and steering of bikes solely depend upon the quality of tires. People pay more attention to the engine than other equally important and technical parts like tires. Safe rides need assurance of good tire support plus the engine’s high-end capabilities. After reading this, the first question that comes to mind is: how much do the tires cost?

This article thoroughly explains the answer to this question. The cost of tires can be increased or decreased if they are not protected or used accurately.

You have to make sure that your motorcycle tires are in good working condition to control the extra expenditure of buying new tires, maintain and enhance a more extended performance period, and above all, the safety of your life. Using proper quality tires lead to safer rides and happy journeys.

Average Cost of Motorcycle Tires

The prices of tires keep on fluctuating with time. The price can vary from 50$ to 150$—the average and an estimated price can vary depending upon numerous features. The cost of new tires does not include the service charges that you pay at the workshop while replacing tires. Moreover, if you are purchasing second-hand tires, then the prices will fluctuate as well. That is why the above-quoted price range is the most acceptable or near to a valid estimation.

Several factors hold the price range. Significant aspects to consider while figuring out the average cost of motorcycle tires are;

  • Power-to-weight ratio
  • Material quality
  • Size of contact footprint
  • Brand
  • Manufacturing company
  • Working condition
  • Performance
  • Type of tires

All these factors contribute to calculating the actual cost of tires of any motorcycle. But, the three most significant factors are below.

Types of Motorcycle Tires

One of the most significant and primary points is the kind of bike that you are riding. People keep bikes for various purposes. A few people use bikes as their go-to vehicle for daily business. While on the other hand, few keep heavy bikes for their passion for biking.

They collect various unique kinds of sports bikes. Some use bikes to earn their bread and butter. Hence, these motorcycles are significant in their way for every other person as it is the most convenient vehicle to keep personally or professionally.

Many well-known manufacturers are manufacturing different types of motorcycle tires. These types include:

  • Cruiser
  • Sport
  • Touring
  • Motocross
  • Blackwall
  • Whitewall
  • Sand
  • Off-road
  • Dirt bike

All these tires cost differently depending upon the brand, manufacturing company, and quality of material utilized. Different requirements demand different kinds of tires; that is why all these varieties are discussed and keep in mind while purchasing the tires.

The Top Rated Motorcycle Tire Manufacturers

Some manufacturers are selling different kinds of tires online and in markets. These manufacturers have worked hard to create their name into well-known brands with unparalleled significance and market value. We are discussing here some of the most popular brands that provide top-quality and high-end motorcycle tires.

  • Pirelli Diablo Rosso
  • Dunlop American
  • Michelin Power Pilot
  • Bridgestone AX41
  • Metzeler

How Many Miles Does Motorcycle Tire Last?

The riders riding on the bikes are as different as the roads they are riding. There are no special, significant, or worldly preferred rules for measuring how long the tires last. The rider ride brings multiple aspects into consideration that might conclude a definite period of the tire’s lifespan.

Technically speaking, numerous features can affect the performance and stability of tires. Tires can blowout because of:

  • Improper air pressure.
  • Unbalance weights.
  • Broken valves.
  • Cracked and broken rim.
  • Damaged roads or surfaces.

So, considering all the above factors, no technological development can count several tires’ lifespan. But, we have calculated an average figure based on some critical points. If the tires are regularly well-maintained and checked, then the rear tire can last up to 2000 miles, and the front tire can last approximately 4000 miles on average.

The Professional Cost of Tire Change

Sometimes, the cost of tire change is highly affected by the influence of the person changing it. The professional service charges of tire replacement add to the total expense of the tire. Taking help from a professional at a workshop adds to your costs but, technically, it is obvious to seek help if you are unable to do it yourself.

This cost is calculated in two ways. Either the wheels are with your motorcycle or without. In both modes, the price will fluctuate. If you have already removed your tires, then the cost will vary between 20$ to 50$. But, with tires, it can rise from 40$ to 80$.

Above all, if you know how to replace the old tires of your bike with new ones, this will be way more beneficial for yourself than any other thing in the world as it will undoubtedly reduce your cost a lot.

Why the Cost of the Tires Fluctuates?

The cost of tires keeps on changing because it can never be a constant figure. The main reason for this fluctuation is economic condition and recession as well. When the prices of vehicles increase or decrease, the prices of auto parts will rise automatically.

Moreover, the cost of motorcycle tires fluctuates because of brand value or name, manufacturing company, the type of tires, maintenance, and performance. Well-maintained and regularly serviced tires will last longer, and thus, you will not have to pay for the purchase of new tires.

Final Verdict

The tires of a motorcycle or any vehicle are as significant and influential as any other part. But, this point is neglected most of the time. Tires can cost way more than expected if they are not well-conditioned and mounted from time to time. Hence, it is necessary to keep the tires regularly checked, and you must keep all the points discussed above while considering new purchases.