The Ultimate Guide for Buying Car Tires Online

Now you must be wondering or maybe confused whether if it is a reliable choice to buy good quality car tires online without checking them physically? But merely trust us when we say that it is all worth it.

After all, it is 2021, and who goes out only to buy one thing? So, solely sit at your home and relax while ordering the best tires for your car.

Here is the ultimate buying guide to looking for things while buying car tires online.

An Updated and Ultimate Guide for Buying Car Tires Online In 2021

Here we have gathered some most important and to the point things that you need to check before buying car tires online.

Size of the Tire

The first and foremost thing that you need to check while purchasing the car tires is their size. The right size matters the most. Here is a simple trick to check the size of your car tire. What you have to check is the width expressly in millimeters. Then check the aspect ratio and whether the construction of the tire is radial or diagonal.

Next, you have to look at the diameter of the tire, which would be in inches, then its load index. Now, check the speed rating of the tire, which will be denoted by “V”. And for your convenience, this will all be written on the current tires of your car.

Selection of the Tire by Brand

If you wish to select the best car tires with a brand, some great websites are comparably a little expensive on the pocket but ensure the best quality, such as Dunlop, Bridgestone, Continental, etc.

However, if you wish to have more choices ranging from expensive to easy on the pockets, then there are some of the best places to purchase car tires online that too in any price range.

Selection of the Tire by Category

Tires come in different categories too. The selection of car tires based on categories is one of the easiest ways of buying car tires online. Here are all the divisions to choose from:

  • Passenger tires.
  • SUV or truck tires.
  • Trailer tires.
  • ATV, Quad, or UTV tires.
  • Lawn and garden or golf cart.
  • Commercial truck tire.
  • Farm tires.
  • Construction tires.

Selection of the Tire by Car Model

Some of the information that you need to have while buying car tires by their model is listed below:

  • Check the year of production of your vehicle.
  • Who was the manufacturer of your automobile?
  • What is the model of your car and also the style of that model?
  • What is the size of your car tires?

Selection of the Tire by Checking the Reviews and Ratings by Users

Users’ reviews and ratings play an important role in buying anything online these days. It is like asking for advice from someone who has used it before, and it is acceptable. Similarly, you must check the ratings and reviews of the customers because you might see some valuable tips for buying new tires online.

Selection of the Tire by Checking the Options Available for Making Payments

You must be well aware of payment issues. To ensure that you do not face any such issues while paying for buying tires online, please check whether they accept payments by credit cards or deal in cash on delivery.

Moreover, some stores offer discounts and other offers on credit cards so you might avail a good deal.

Selection of the Tire by Checking The Exchange or Return Policy

Always and we repeat, always check the exchange or return policy while buying the tires online. We are suggesting this to make sure if by mistake you get some other tires delivered that you did not order or does not fit your vehicle type. Then it will be a total waste of money, time, and everything.

Should You Buy Brand New Tires or The Used Ones For Your Car Online?

It depends on your choice, whether you want to buy brand new tires or the used ones for your car. Both types of tires consist of their own set of pros and cons. Such as purchasing brand new tires come with a warranty, no internal or external damages, and any other repairs or patches. Moreover, you get 100% tread on brand new car tires.

On the other hand, the used tires of cars can enhance your pro-environmental behavior if you buy them, or else they will go to waste. Used tires often come in good condition at reasonable prices if they are used for about 100 miles only. One can also get at least 90% if not the whole of 100% tread on used tires in very cheap rates reduced to at 50%.

Best Place to Buy Tires Online

You can easily purchase tires from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or any other official store near to you. Tire Passion also reviews the best tires available in the market so you can check everything before buying.


E-commerce stores have eased our purchasing, and this updated and ultimate guide for buying car tires online in 2021 will surely help you in the best way possible to purchase new tires for your car. Just follow the steps mentioned above and be a pro at buying tires and other stuff for your vehicle online.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is it a suitable choice to buy car tires online?

It is a good and feasible option for you to buy car tires online. It will save your time and energy and will also provide you updates on car tires.

Which tire brands are not worthy of spending your money?

There are some cheap brands that you should not spend your money, especially when you are getting tires for your car. Make suitable investment once to avoid any minor issues which might occur now and then.