Top 10 Best Tires for Honda Fit in 2022 – Buyers Guide

Honda has always been the source of producing secured vehicles, be it the variant introduced in Japan, the USA, or the other parts of the world.

Its low-clearance body feels like gliding just over the surface of the road, and that is the prime feature that causes severe issues in countries with abnormal levels of speed breakers.

On the smooth roads without any obstacles, there is nothing that can eventually kill its speed.

Despite this known issue, the popularity of Honda has not been diminished even by a percent.

So, Honda comes with various top-notch car makes you can trust; we are only after a specific make.

Known as the compact 5-door hatchback with a boot to take in more luggage than ever, it is in no way required to sacrifice the seating capacity when you are traveling with some extra baggage.

But wait?? Why are we here? Marking the features of Honda Fit to list here? No way! Let us tell you – We are here to find only the best tires for Honda Fit.

The tires are the first and foremost layer of protection that keeps your vehicle going on, helping the vehicle stick to the ground, and do not skid in the event of immediate braking.

Most vehicle owners would fall dearly to the fancy look of the tire, and they try to give an immense sporty look even by installing oversize, non-recommended, and non-compatible tires for the sake of the watch.

But we always advise you to stick with the recommended wheel size for the right kind of tire and not spend much on selecting the tire to look fancy. After all, your vehicle is there to travel along with your whole family, and you should never trust the tire sellers other than relying on us when it comes to giving new pairs of tires to your Honda Fit.

Top 10 Best Tires for Honda Fit – Updated Picks for 2022

TiresWheel SizeLoad CapacityPrice
Achilles 2233185/55R161,074 lbs Check Price
Hankook Ventus V2 Concept185/55R161,074 lbs Check Price
Falken Ziex ZE950185/55R161,074 lbs Check Price
Starfire Solarus AS185/60R151,102 lbs Check Price
Firestone 004058185/60R151,102 lbs Check Price
Cooper Evolution185/60R151,102 lbs Check Price
Lexani LXTR-203185/55R161,074 lbs Check Price
Yokohama AVID ASCEND GT185/55R161,074 lbs Check Price
LionHart LHST5011655050185/55R161,074 lbs Check Price
Achilles 122175/65R151,102 lbs Check Price

1. Achilles 2233 – Best Tire for Honda Fit Sport 2020

Achilles 2233 Tire for Honda Fit

Higher performance, and expecting it from a radial tire? It is entirely possible!

With Achilles 2233 rated as the best tire for Honda Fit Sport 2020, installing it over the alloy rim or the stock rims; the look and the performance are the dual features to enjoy the ride best.

Although the radial tires can cause some noticeable noise during the drive, these are somewhat acceptable to experience because of ensuring the outclass performance.

Safer build with the sturdier sidewalls construction, you can have a comfortable and secure road all along the routes.

For the frequent drivers who love their Honda FIt Sport 2020, you sound super safe when you opt to purchase Achilles 2233.

The speed and load index rating of 123V allows it to bear the maximum load capacity of 1,074 lbs and top sustain speed of 149 mph. Be advised, this is the top sustaining speed, and it is not recommended to always drive at this higher speed for safety concerns. This speed is totally out of control!

And its 50 percent tire aspect ratio could cause you severe issues. To deal with that, make sure to keep the tires inflated to the recommended air pressure all the time to ensure the sidewalls do not break or crack.

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  • Great performing radial tire.
  • Affordable tire.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Made in China.

2. Hankook Ventus V2 Concept – Best All-Season Tire for Honda Fit 2020 Sport

Hankook Ventus V2 concept 2 All-Season Radial Tire

Many would not opt for a radial tire to go into the vehicles, not for the speed lovers!

But owning a passenger car like a Honda Fit, do not expect revving it at a higher speed. Not that it is damaging for this small-sized vehicle, but it can be dangerous as well.

The radial tires are somewhat the source of more noticeable noise, so make yourself used to ignoring it and focusing on the road.

But do you know which tire we are talking about? Well, it is the Hankook Ventus V2 Concept, one of the best all-season tire for Honda Fit 2020 Sport!

The beautiful ride with the perfect tire type, this radial tire will never degrade in the performance. With the capability to bear the whooping heavier load of 1,074 lbs, having a speed and load index rating of 83H, where H represents the top sustaining speed of 130 mph. Piece of advice: do not try gaining this much speed at all costs. After all, this is a passenger-rated car!

Relatively lower tread depth of 9/32”, and this is quite acceptable for such a tire to live for one to one and half a year, so this is quite a good life-range for such a passenger vehicle tire.

  • All-season radial tire.
  • High-performing tread design.
  • Best reliable tire.
  • A bit high price.

3. Falken Ziex ZE950 – Best 185/55R16 Tire for Honda Fit

Falken Ziex ZE950 Tire

Have a 2018 Honda Fit EX-L, and you are due to get all four new tires? What about this all-season radial tire from Falken Ziex Ze950 that would look at your beauty?

It is a good fit on the wheel size of 185/55R16, the ultimate recommended wheel size for the 2018 Honda Fit EX-L.

Known for its best performance in all of the seasons, and if we can claim, this may turn out to be your favorite icy tire, never to hinder your comfortability during the ride.

In our comparisons, we found that Falken tires are on the same level as other great brands. As an example, check out our article comparing Falken to Yokohama.

Its dedicated 3D Canyon sipe technology provides better edges to glide safely and not skid when pressing the brakes on ice under the load, better handling, and even wearing of the tire to make sure nothing destroys it.

And the enhanced tire aspect ratio ensures it does not lose grip over the snow, as well as its grooved walls, and does not skid away.

It comes with advanced wet handling thanks to its circumferential grooves to keep the water away and out of the treads even under damp road conditions.

1,074 lbs for the maximum load capacity, and the highest speed this tire can bear is around 130 mph under average load and inflated to recommended levels.

  • Best for an all-season drive.
  • Wider circumferential grooves for better wet handling.
  • Tread slot with a wider angle for improved snow grip.
  • Gets punctured easily.

4. Starfire Solarus AS – Best All-Season Touring Tire for Honda Fit

Starfire Solarus AS All-Season Tire

Are you demanding to use just one tire all the year no matter what season it is; we bring you this!

Starfire Solarus AS, the ultimate tires that go onto the wheel with 185/60R15, is the stock wheel size for the 2017 Honda Fit LX.

Although the radial build may trick you down, you do not really know the worth of a radial tire, do you?

Under the passenger vehicles, the radial tire lands you to experience the smooth drive, more excellent handling, stability to glide through the various road conditions, and peace of mind you got a perfect steel-belted tire installed on your vehicle.

So, they are somewhat hard, tread made of plies, and they can bear more weight than ever, but with one condition, the tire needs to be inflatable to the recommended air pressure all the time to avoid running into difficult situations.

The radial tire is prone to heat, so do not drive at the speed rated for it. And since we are on it, it comes with a speed rating of a maximum of 130 mph. Stating it, you should not consider it safe to always hit the odometer to catch such high speed.

And it offers to hold up to 1,102 lbs (higher than the rest of the tires we reviewed) thanks to its somewhat more significant tire aspect ratio of 60.

Be it mud or snow, and the tire would not mind taking you further to your destination as it is one of the best all-season touring tires you can ever purchase at such a price range.

  • Bigger aspect ratio.
  • 50,000 miles to last.
  • Better traction over the mud and snow.
  • Loses tread easily.

5. Firestone 004058 – Best All-Season Performance Tire

Firestone All Season Touring Tire

We got a beauty named 2017 Honda Fit LX, and we believe your whole family would love it so far. It provides ample space to fit the passengers, but the hatchback is a convenient source to load luggage without interfering with the passengers during the ride.

Not only is this the prime feature we are talking about specifically for the 2017 Honda Fit LX, but it also is the most fuel-efficient car that ever existed in America. For a 1,496cc 4-cylinder engine, that is a blessing to hit around 9 miles to 16 miles varying by your driving style and the load associated with the vehicle.

Touring through the state, you would never complain about the fuel consumption anymore. Given the fact, this is considered a standard engine, and such a hatchback car with weight can be a total loss as per the expectations for the fuel, but this would never defy you in performance, in consumption.

And to keep it performing like that, you first need to have stock and recommended wheel size all the time. Do not fall to your tire dealer to pick any other wheel size than the recommended if you really care about the fuel consumption and not strain the suspension system.

We bring you Firestone 004058, the best all-season performance tire to keep you on the road despite the weather severity to ease down your worries.

Not a tire to give an incredible drive on the dry road, but you can sense the smoothness in wet, mud, and snow conditions. With it, you do not need to replace the tire when fall arrives.

Able to withstand more weight than the radial tires, it holds over 1,102 lbs while retaining the sustained top speed of 118 mph.

The single tire that you can bet all of your family’s lives over its safety claims!

  • Best for touring.
  • Performs well in all seasons.
  • Warrantied for 65,000 miles.
  • Somewhat expensive.

6. Cooper Evolution – Best Touring Tire For 2017 Honda Fit LX

Cooper Evolution Touring Tire

We understand the spacious look and feel of the 2017 Honda Fit LX gives you vibes to be on tour all year long.

If that gives you such a vibe, you are just like us.

Spending your holidays traveling here and there exploring the beautiful states, owning a Honda Fit for this very purpose would not disappoint you.

Taking care of the engine is a must sign over the tour, and knowing things about the machine is even compulsory. But tires have an essential aspect because you have to find one of the best out of the market to rely upon throughout the trip.

It is a one-time purchase, so make a wise move and not fall for the tire’s fancy look.

Let’s own Cooper Evolution, the best touring tire for 2017 Honda Fit LX, the experience driving it would be different. The easier handling, not skidding on the wet and snow-covered roads, and the enhanced traction are what the extreme level of features this tire could provide to the frequent long drivers.

The higher load capacity of 1,102 lbs is a sign of sustainability. And the maximum speed rating of 118 mph ensures you can drive at a reasonable speed even having the vehicle fully loaded.

  • Best performing tire in all-season rides.
  • Able to withstand the higher weight.
  • Long-lasting tread life.
  • May skid on immediate braking.

7. Lexani LXTR-203 – Best Tire for 2016 Honda Fit EX

Lexani LXTR-203 Tire

An OK tire originated in the U.S.A.; all we know is the sturdy build guaranteeing to withstand higher load capacity.

The speed and load index rating of 83V is there for a reason; the maximum load capacity of more than 1,074 lbs with a top speed of around 149 mph.

While this high speed can be dangerous for a radial tire to keep in place on the road, it is wise to drive the car at an acceptable and manageable speed for your family’s safety on the road.

It fits nicely on 185/55R16, the stock and recommended wheel size of the 2016 Honda Fit EX to make a memorable touring around the country.

And being a three-season tire, do not try it in the winter due to frequent skidding and slipping. If you have been thinking of using the exact tire in winter, let’s not repeat this mistake ever for your safety.

Despite not being rated for winter driving, it comes with a higher tread depth of over 11/32” that may last it operating for years.

So, driving through the extreme weather conditions prevailing unbearable heat, this tire would never compromise in the performance. Drive long, go fast to pass the desert, and you can do it easily within a day without needing to halt to turn the tire cold. Although, it is otherwise advised to make a few stops along the way to ensure the tire does not revolve with containing heat for long.

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Offers to hold more weight capacity.
  • Higher tread depth.
  • High-weighted tire.
  • May lost traction on wet roads.

8. Yokohama AVID ASCEND GT – Best Threaded Touring Radial Tire

Yokohama AVID ASCEND GT Touring Radial Tire

There are a few brands known for producing outclass and high-performing tires. When we see the names of those brands, we immediately decide to purchase the products from them.

And here we have Yokohama, the world-renowned tire-producing brand that everyone trusts. This comes with the best threaded touring radial tire for 2016 Honda Fit EX.

Yokohama AVID ASCEND GT, the high-performance radial tire to knock the miles by driving almost all day long.

It happily withstands over 1,074 lbs while providing you with the top speed of 130 mph; so, even if your destination seems impossible to catch up in hours, this tire alone makes sure to reach on time without needing to stop for rest.

The comfortable ride is all that matters for the long road trip, and this very tire from Yokohama never lets you feel exhausted. You would hardly find the need to get off the driving seat due to the itching and pinching to reflex the muscles!

Honda Fit is known for its extreme comfortability, and Yokohama AVID ASCEND GT makes sure you never lose your cool.

So, drive all day long and make every second count!

  • Best branded tire for ultimate performance.
  • Highest tread depth.
  • Lightweight design.
  • A bit expensive.

9. LionHart LHST5011655050 – Best Value Performance Tire

LionHart LHST5011655050 Tire

Many riders may feel skeptical about purchasing such a tire having this low tread depth. But here is the deal when you have to look for the best value performance tire with somewhat lower tread depth.

Performance tires are for speed lovers! And when you own the budget to replace the tires frequently and do not sacrifice the speed, this tire from LionHart is just for you!

Prone to tread wear at a faster pace, LionHart LHST5011655050 reacts to provide better road grip on the speed causing intensifying wear to the tread. And it causes more damage to the braking.

All in all, this tire would eventually last less than a year, so do not try living the exceeding life in the hope there is still some tread left. As it comes with a 7.8/32” tread depth, you can expect that it may not live this long.

With the load index capacity of 1,074 lbs and top speed around 149 mph, the steering stability and traction matter here the most. Being a radial tire, this level of traction is never expected by such a price ranged tire.

Just make sure to install it on the recommended 2016 Honda Fit EX’s wheel size of 185/55R16, the widened tire that best keeps the tire on the road with minimizing the chances of overturns.

  • Beautiful design.
  • A good fit on the 2016 Honda Fit EX.
  • Best value performance tire.
  • Lower tread depth.

10. Achilles 122 – Best Tire for Honda Fit Base 2012

Achilles 122 All Season Tire

And we kept this ultra-high-performance tire to introduce in the very last.

Achilles 122, the best tire for Honda Fit Base 2012, is really for ultra-high-performance.

Are you expecting to run this tire on the snow? Why not try it out for yourself! This all-season radial tire knows no weather intensity, be it the hot summer or the shivering winter prevailing snow all around the road trip.

All BW (black wall) sidewall with black markings representing all the readings and ratings, just stare for a bit, and you would be able to read everything without a problem.

The wider tire aspect ratio provides ample clearance even to run under-inflated air pressure where the sidewalls can withstand the overall vehicle and passengers’ weight without pressing. So, it is somewhat acceptable to run with a high load over an under-inflated tire but do not practice it during your regular drive.

Speaking about the load, it comes to hold a good amount of cargo to around 1,102 lbs while retaining the top speed of 118 mph.

Since we are the most prominent advocate of using the recommended wheel size of 175/65R15, this should never cause you any problem when used over the recommended wheel size.

Going anything less than recommended is not only dangerous for your car’s safety as well as the suspension system because it puts extreme pressure on it, causing jittering and vibration even on the smooth and even road.

  • Highly affordable.
  • Suitable for an all-season road trip.
  • Heavy load bearer.
  • Not lasting for long.

The Best Buying Guide to Purchase Tires for Honda Fit

The purchase of the tires, and that too for the particular brand and make; the overall procedure could be tiring, worrying, and disastrous for the car owner who knows not even a thing or two.

And, since the market is full of surprises, this buying process often goes undecided because of too many options available.

For Honda Fit, the tire’s collection is as seamless as it sounds. But the real problem is which tires to pick from?

The tires should have common similarities to give you better mileage, safety, comfortability, and good value against your investment.

Whereas the passenger vehicles tend to go on the drive regularly, you need to focus on purchasing the tire one time to last longer.

Now, what aspects to look for before purchasing the best tires for Honda Fit? Be with us!

Radial Tires

Radial tires are durable, trustable, and long-lasting for passenger vehicles.

After all, these are passenger vehicles and not sports. So, do not try revving it out of the engine’s limit at all regardless of the road condition if you want to make the most out of it for years.

So, it is better to opt for radial tires to bear more load, but they should not be driving at a higher speed for safety concerns.

Believe in Losing Tread Faster

Is this a feature? Well, it is not but a mindset.

The radial tires are prone to lose tread faster than ever. So you should have a firm belief your radial tire for Honda FIT would lose it faster. Even if it lasts for a year being a frequent driver, undoubtedly, your tire has lived an extraordinary life.

So, never expect the tire to last up to the market of specified miles-long life, and it solely depends on your way of driving and how fast you drive.

Despite the higher tread depth, sooner or later, your tire would turn close to becoming bald.

Branded Tires are Best

Are you a firm believer in picking the brand over anything despite the fact, the branded tires would be heavily expensive; you are doing the right thing!

Not able to try a new brand, that is alright – Picking a branded tire is not a shameful and proud act as all the avid shoppers know how secure and safe the tires would be for their lovely car; we admire this approach.

Pick a reputed brand over the non-famous brands if you need to!

All-Season Radial Tire

The radial tire is just a radial tire. An all-season radial tire is different from the plain radial tires.

Being an all-season radial tire, you can safely glide through the wet and snow conditions without a problem. But on one condition, keep the speed slow and do not hit the brakes unexpectedly.

But the all-season radial tires are a no-go for frequent off-roading. Take note of that!


All the best tires for Honda Fit are contracted down into this list just for the car owners potentially looking to replace their tires.

Be it the old or newer versions of Honda Fit, and our collection is the show-stopper for the owners not to sniff through the market.

With best on the list, check this whole out and lock on the right kind of tire to fit into your beauty!