Best Tires for Acura MDX of 2022 – Complete Buying Guide

For the core family use, the car should be something that comes with more seats and the space to put off the luggage.

Having an extended family at our end, we used to cope with a situation where only the limited family members were able to win the seat.

The rest of the family including the minors always had to sacrifice their wishes of getting onboard.

And that was the worst feeling that we always had experienced leaving the left members back at home weeping and crying.

If you have often come across such a situation, Honda’s Acura MDX is the perfect solution for you.

Having over 7-seats with third-row seatings to further accommodate two adults, the cargo area can easily be utilized to get additional passengers to fit in.

But this is not what we are going to only praise the features of this high-mileage and low-cost maintenance of Acura MDX.

What we are up here is to bring the finest, trusting, reliable, and durable tires for your Acura MDX to enjoy the all-year-long cruise on the road with all your family members being on board.

So, be ready to get to know what best tires for Acura MDX are available for your beauty. After all, it is for all your family members to comfortably enjoy the long road trips entrusting their lives in your hand by opting for the best reliable tire!

Best Tires for Acura MDX – Updated Picks for 2022

TiresWheel SizeLoad & Speed IndexPrice
Pirelli Scorpion STR245/50R20102H Check Price
Michelin Defender LTX M/S245/60R18105H Check Price
Vercelli Strada 1245/50R20102V Check Price
Pirelli Scorpion Zero265/45R20108Y Check Price
Michelin Latitude Tour HP265/45R20104V Check Price
Goodyear Eagle RS-A245/50R20102H Check Price
Pirelli P Zero255/55R19111W Check Price
Cooper Evolution H/T245/60R18105H Check Price
Pirelli Scorpion Verde245/55R19103H Check Price
Achilles Desert Hawk UHP245/55R19103V Check Price

1. Pirelli Scorpion STR – Best High-Performance Passenger Car Tire

Owning a 2022 Acura MDX and seems unsatisfied with the stock tires that come with it? Despite all the tries to get used to the driving experience with the stock tires and still find yourself uncomfortable.

Yup, such things happen. And if you have been experiencing the same, Pirelli Scorpion STR is set to stun you.

It definitely is an all-season tire but the dedicated Traction Grooves makes it last the whole snow-covered months without a problem. Its X-Sipe technology assures it would not miss and skid while braking, and retain the acceleration over the densely snow-covered roads.

The above feature was just a glimpse of how the tire would perform on the icy roads, but what if it is raining or moisture-rich road conditions? The exclusive Sport Plus technology embedded within this single tire is more than enough to provide better control, traction, and smoothness at whatever speed you are cruising at.

Now, you should not be worried about slipping and skidding under any road conditions.

Going to the rough terrains, hitting the highways of states from states all around the year; the one issue is what mileage it guarantees. Luckily, this Pirelli Scorpion STR is set to outperform beyond the good 50,000 miles mark!

Having it would never have you to replace the tire at least for a year even if you are an extensive heavy driver.

And having a load capacity of 1,874 with a speed rating of H representing the top speed of 130 mph guarantees to knock down the long travel distance in hours without compromising the smoothness of the drive.

Tagged with a price that is no way expensive, we believe it would not put a lot of strain on your wallet to grab the outstanding tire installed in your Acura MDX, the pure passenger low-profile SUV to enjoy the long road trips with extreme comfort.

  • Higher tread depth.
  • Adequate tire aspect ratio.
  • Endorsed with Quick View Indicator to keep a tab over the left tread.
  • Does not contain any road-damage warranty.

2. Michelin Defender LTX M/S — Best All-Season Radial Tire

The autonomously famous tire brand that we can call off — Michelin would never underperform in any way.

Although the passenger-rated radial tires are commonly considered safer, handling the overweight of this gigantic vehicle is no less than a task.

It provides up to six lug nuts to keep this tire intact and absorb all the impact which overspeeding generally causes.

If you have been dying to know the exact price range of a single Michelin Defender LTX M/S tire, that is way beyond the US$ 200.00’s mark! That is kinda expensive for sure but worth installing for the sake of immense safety.

Fits well on the wheel size of 245/60R18, your 2022 Acura MDX looks auspiciously beautiful, and when it gets to wrap over an exclusively-crafted alloy rim.

Offered to last over 70,000 miles, this manufacturer’s provided guarantee can seem a bluff when you get to know the tread depth of mere 10.5/32”. We understand this is not a tread depth level that is pretty unbelievable to digest this claim but the tire design and the compound namely Michelin EverTread used to make it going hard on the tread to hardly wear.

Known as the best all-season radial tire to have it wearing on Acura MDX, let’s enjoy the long road trips despite the weather conditions, and experience the immediate braking without the fear of skid and slip.

No matter what time of the month it is, the severe weather conditions where braking seems an only option to slow down; Michelin Defender LTX M/S is prone to converse over 10 percent of treadwear than any other line of the tire available by Michelin itself.

  • One of the best all-season radial tires.
  • Trusting tire brand.
  • Bigger aspect ratio.
  • A bit out of a budget tire.

3. Vercelli Strada 1 – Best 245/50R20 All-Season Tire

For an outclass 2020 Acura MDX, Vercelli Strada 1 would seem a good fit that too against a price tag that you can comfortably afford.

We understand the tires are relatively expensive when it comes to experiencing the high-end performance of this passenger-rated car.

But Vercelli Strada 1 comes with the lowest possible price. Such a price is hard to grab from the whole market.

This is such a tire collection the tire dealers would not want you to purchase. And the reason is just as plain and simple; this lowest-priced tire actually lasts longer and hence, that is the core reason the tire dealers would store them off the shelves.

As you have landed down here and read the in-depth review of Vercelli Strada 1, you are now able to ask for this tire directly without getting pressured by the tire dealers.

If you are planning to buy the tire for 2020 Acura MDX, do not skim Vercelli Strada 1.

Get it installed on the alloy rim sizing 245/50R20, that is the official wheel size 2020 Acura MDX support.

And its speed and load index rating of 102V proves that it can manage to withstand the high weight along with sustaining the top speed to take down miles after miles without an issue. So, we are talking about 1,874 lbs of maximum weight and V speed rating to retain the top speed of 149 mph.

Although, this top speed of 149 mph is just an indicator and is not something you should be driving at such high speed resulting in bursting the tire in pieces.

Having our ten spots to insert the lung nuts, actually proves it would not tremble and vibrate at the faster speed to enjoy the upright drive even at the rough and uneven tracks.

  • Highly affordable price.
  • Impressive design.
  • Comes with Tread Wear Indicator.
  • Super loud when moving.

4. Pirelli Scorpion Zero — Best Zero All-Season Plus Radial Tire

Experience is believing, and not seeing.

If you had to believe in the latter statement, this does not work at least for now.

Getting the tires to go into your car, the person experiencing the level of joy cannot be really experienced by the next person, or maybe by everyone who picks the same tire for the same model car.

That is why we stressfully stated – experience is believing.

But what our experience speaks, we would speak it loud to have it heard all across the globe. 🙂

Pirelli Scorpion Zero on Acura MDX, just imagine the coincidence.

To many, this tire comes with the stock look, and the only fancy thing seems the writing embedded over the sidewalls.

And all the tires come in black color, don’t they? So, what’s really inspiring about this tire?

The tread pattern, actually!

Supporting the overall load capacity of more than 2,205 lbs along with the top sustaining speed of whooping 186 mph! Friendly advice, but keep your car under acceptable speed limits all the time forgetting about the engine’s dam capacity and all of that!

Fits good on 265/45R20 wheel size, giving enough width clearance to keep the grip during the hard turns, and stability on the road at any speed range.

Its tread pattern certainly keeps it rolling on any road conditions, although we would recommend cruising only over the highway all the time to reduce the treadwear. But being known as the best zero all-season plus tire, it would never disappoint in any weather conditions.

Experience the same driving in the scorching summer and the harsh winter without complaining about any problems.

  • Best all-season plus radial tire.
  • Can bear the noticeable load.
  • Good 75K miles of tread warranty.
  • Quite an expensive tire.

5. Michelin Latitude Tour HP – Best 265/45R20 Radial Tire

Most of the radial tires are a lot noisy. Even if you have your windows rolled up, that would not reduce the noise produced by the tires and would have even felt more.

And not just look at the design. You certainly would not like Michelin Latitude Tour HP.

As stated by the name, this tire is exclusively designed for the long tour without needing to stop.

But do not expect to press the gas pedal to retain high speed for too long to avoid getting into serious consequences, or fatal accidents.

Telling you, if you keep the tire always under the acceptable speed limits and do not try testing the braking once in a while, this would not only last beyond its specified lifetime but would never give you any trouble as well.

Knowingly the best 265/45R20 radial tire available in the market, Michelin is the top-notch brand that hardly got any competition.

Being in the market for a long time, it has a larger customer base all around the world with satisfying results.

Just that we want to stress, do not take it to any of the specified limits as long as you want to use it. Hitting beyond the brink of any limits set by the tire manufacturer, except experiencing the problems and a common one is the tire bursting due to non-stop driving.

Its all-seasonality drive should give you a comfortable experience in any weather conditions, especially during the rain and snow as it comes with 2-D Active sipes technology.

Have it and you would notice the considerable cut in the fuel expense thanks to its shape and the tread compounds that avoid the bitter friction as the tire rolls.

And then its guaranteed 55K miles’ warranty is the gift from the manufacturer, so you can expect this tire to last at least two years with extensive traveling.

  • Best for long road tours.
  • Comes with greater stability.
  • 55K of road warranty.
  • A high-priced radial tire.

6. Goodyear Eagle RS-A – Best 102H Radial Tire

Design is just a by-product, and it does not directly impact and interconnect with the quality of a product.

The ugly-looking product can truly be built with quality materials, so you just cannot state the beauty is part of the quality.

And you are going to experience the same when Goodyear Eagle RS-A comes in your eye contact.

Its overall design can make you puke literally that is not doable but the design will surely turn your mood off.

But we are the biggest advocate of quality and can literally compromise upon the design and/or beauty.

As it comes with the premium-level sidewall, the rigidness and the stiffness assist to withstand the overall weight of the vehicle despite being somewhat low with air pressure.

Whereas, its load index rating and the speed rating collectively deliver the best balance to tackle the vehicle’s weight by being one of the best 102H radial tires, meaning it can take on over 1,874 lbs and gain the moving speed of 130 mph.

Experience the best traction felt at the corners at high speed and avoid skidding on the wet and snow-covered roads.

Although it derives not-so-enough tread depth which is merely 10/32” and is an embedded tread wear indicator to keep a tab of the leftover tread without needing to insert the coin to check.

The radial tires are prone to produce noticeable noise as they gain speed, but how about ignoring that for the sake of having a quality tire for your 2019 Acura MDX. 🙂

  • Simple and lightweight build.
  • Lateral grooves on the tread for greater stability.
  • Made in the United States.
  • No fancy design.

7. Pirelli P Zero – Best Performance Radial Tire

Seeing Pirelli this often to go with your Acura MDX? We tend to bring top-notch tires no matter how many times the same brand was listed.

And the matter of fact is, the best should never be left off the list just because of the reason it has been part of it three to four times.

The simple tread pattern is the most-loved aspect, converting it from the uneven tread wear allowing it to last a lot longer than expected and experience the best performance on the go.

If you have been wondering about the allowed wheel size it fits with, it supports 255/55R19, the stock wheel size Acura MDX holds.

But that does not make it only an Acura MDX-backed tire, if your car has this specified wheel size, it would not give any problem installing it over despite the vehicle make and model.

A lovely tire with an immersive loading capacity of 111.0 ensuring it can withstand over 2,403 lbs which is indeed a remarkable load weight.

And then it supplies the greater top sustaining speed rating of W confirming over retaining the speed of 168 mph, and that is too much of the speed we are talking about.

Such a speed is totally fatal for a domestic vehicle driver, and not all domestic cars are generally designed the way to move at a much faster speed for the sake of your family’s safety.

  • Not as expensive.
  • Bears more load than most tires.
  • Best performance radial tire.
  • Does not run flat, so fix the puncture the soonest you find out about it.

8. Cooper Evolution H/T – Best Highway Terrain Radial Tire

Owning a 2016 Acura MDX and looking for new tires for it? We got you one!

All you should be knowing about is what wheel size your Acura MDX supports. If that is 245/60R18, this tire is the right one for you!

The old look will definitely change tremendously giving you a hunch of driving a brand new car even in 2022! 🙂

What we are talking about is Cooper Evolution H/T, the best highway terrain radial tire that you can entrust your life upon.

When we say the expensive tires are the best for safety; that is not going to be the case all the time.

Expensive or not but the tire tread pattern, and build a compound for the trusted and safer experience. After all, your life solely relies upon the tires as long as the car is moving, so investing a bunch of extra prices for reliable tires should not be a problem.

Backed by the immersive load capacity of more than 105.0 and top speed rating of H collectively represent the bearing power of over 2,039 lbs by retaining around 130 mph.

Talking about the tread design, this makes it run all-season and perform best at the highway terrain and last for over 60,000 miles. So, how come you can expect a radial tire going into your 2016 Acura MDX to wander all around the U.S.A.? 🙂

  • Best highway terrain radial tire.
  • Ensures comfortable ride.
  • Warrantied for 60K miles of tread life.
  • A little noisy on the highway but not much of that.

9. Pirelli Scorpion Verde – Best All-Season High-Performance Radial Tire

Pirelli is a brand known around the world for its durable and trusted tires. And you would already have witnessed the abundance of Pirelli tires in our content. 🙂

As we stated earlier, Pirelli is the one that manufactures the high-performance radial tire, and this specific Pirelli Scorpion Verde is one step ahead in the line.

Known as the best all-season high-performance radial tire available in the market, we are confident you would be super surprised by the performance you ought to experience driving with this tire.

But if you have been taking high-performance in terms of top speed, that is so wrong, mate! – Radial tires, no matter their price tag, are only known for their reliability with some cons attached.

And the reliability in terms of cruising at the acceptable speed because of the family car packed with the whole family. And the higher you gain the speed, the more it would produce the noise which is part of having the radial tires, isn’t it?

We so admire the tread design, giving the impeccable braking power even on the wet and snow-covered roads.

Talking about the hard turns on the corners, we believe it would not skid and slip regardless of the speed range.

This may eventually offer the lesser capacity to bear but the higher tread depth is the blessing to count. Technically speaking, 1,929 lbs of load with a top speed of 130 mph, these two index ratings would never disappoint you on top of 11/32” tread depth that is higher than the most available in the market.

  • Best for long road tours.
  • Made in Brazil.
  • Adequate aspect ratio.
  • Avoid running with punctures on.

10. Achilles Desert Hawk UHP – Best Touring Radial Tire

Last in the list, and the old 2014 Acura MDX should be encountering a lot of problems by now specifically with the bodywork, and the engine losing power.

But the tire thing tells a totally different story. You cannot skip giving it importance regardless of how older your car turns out to be.

Achilles Desert Hawk UHP looks so ordinary by the design but performance-wise, that is way too trusting to enjoy riding on.

One of the best touring radial tires, the price tag may frighten you to believe the build quality is up to par.

Now, fit it over 245/55R19, the BSW rating literally tells the real story – black sidewall with enough power to withstand the overall weight of the vehicle even being somewhat down below the recommended air pressure.

Just that do not like the design more than the high-quality build. And it adequately provides a better load capacity with unmatched speed.

And we are talking about the overall load capacity of around 1,929 lbs with the highest sustaining speed of 149 mph.

Frankly speaking, we would love to have you install Achilles Desert Hawk UHP in your 2014 Acura MDX to last longer with extra-share of reliability!

  • One of the best affordable radial tires.
  • Hit the road for making the single long road trip without hitting the stop.
  • Experience the greater road handling.
  • The tire would not last that long.

The Comprehensive Buying Guide to Acquire the Best Tires for Acura MDX

What factors involve buying the best tires for Acura MDX out of hundreds of options available in the market; let’s find them all out together.

Build Quality

There is no match to compromise on the build quality.

The premium tires that are solely used for family cars should be designed with premium-quality leather.

Keep a tab on this part before selecting your tires, and do not fall for the trap of picking the tires just because of their fancy design.

Tread Pattern

Regardless of the tread pattern, it should ensure the extra grip, not skidding, and sticking to the road on the hard turns as well as perform well during the rain and snow conditions.

All Season

Luckily, all of our listed tires are backed with all-season performance.

Being all-season tires, they can perform well under every kind of road and weather conditions.

Stock Wheel Size

This does not proportionally impact the tire but using unmaintained, unspecified, and non-stock wheels could put a lot of strain on your vehicle’s suspension system.

So, always pick the stock and recommended wheel size to make the most out of your suspension.


Never risk your life, and when you have an Acura MDX; that means you have this car that is mostly occupied with the family.

So, the near-to-bald tires seem 100 percent hazardous.

Then we believe in only acquiring the best tires for Acura MDX for the sake of safety, getting the most out of these tires that whichever you purchase, and expecting the performance beyond your good expectations.