Best Tires for Jeep Liberty of 2022 – Buyer’s Guide Included

Jeep Liberty has been long gone. The vehicle manufacturer does not produce it anymore.

The last we would have seen was manufactured back in 2012, and if you still see the Jeep Liberty (of any edition) cruising on the road, that is the old grandpa!

Still, it is in demand, and people trade it and use this old jeep just as fresh.

This diesel-run jeep still has the mechanics who can fix the major to minor issues, but one thing you should never backdrop when it comes to keeping the jeep in mint condition.

One second… Do you know what prominent the vehicle part is for a jeep? What one thing do people gaze upon for the first time when they see a jeep? It’s tires!

An oversized vehicle turns out to be having a set of large and oversized tires. So, we ought to bring the best tires for Jeep Liberty to ensure it glides on the road just like it used to be. Please do not rely on the long-aging tires because it is not a safety hazard but ruins the fancy look of this awesome-looking jeep.

Please stick with us to grab ahold of the most excellent tires that are customer-loved and exclusively built for Jeep Liberty!

Best Tires for Jeep Liberty – Updated Picks for 2022

Best Tires for Jeep LibertyTire SizeMax Load CapacityPrice
Pirelli Scorpion STR245/50R201,874 lbs Check Price
Travelstar Ecopath HT225/75R162,678 lbs Check Price
Cooper Evolution Tour235/65R171,984 lbs Check Price
Hankook Kinergy ST H735235/65R171,984 lbs Check Price
Kumho CRUGEN KL33235/65R171,984 lbs Check Price
Goodyear Wrangler ST225/75R162,678 lbs Check Price
Travelstar Ecopath AT225/75R162,094 lbs Check Price
Westlake SU318235/70R162,271 lbs Check Price
Falken Wildpeak AT3W235/70R162,271 lbs Check Price
Michelin Defender LTX M/S235/70R162,271 lbs Check Price

1. Pirelli Scorpion 245/50R20 STR – Best Tire Size for Jeep Liberty 2012

Pirelli Scorpion 245 50R20 STR

Although Jeep Liberty was last manufactured in 2012, it has been nine years since it was discontinued.

But discontinuation did not cause any hassle for the vehicle owners who love Jeep Liberty to every bit of it.

It is high time you would have seen a 2012 Jeep Liberty cruising around this summer, but no tire will last nine years on the road.

So, it is indeed high time to have replaced the tires 3 to 5 times already.

And we believe you are the proud owner of a 2012 Jeep Liberty.

For you, just for you, we bring this Pirelli Scorpion 245/50R20 STR, known as the best tire size for Jeep Liberty 2012 available in the market.

A perfect fit for the recommended rim size, anything less than the tire size would end up resulting in a pure mess on your end.

Though you may find some unrecommended rim sizes to fit the non-recommended tires, which 2012 Jeep Liberty Jet allows causes severe issues, especially when off-roading.

Do not fall for this crap, please, if you really care about your jeep’s suspension.

  • Best performance tire.
  • Highest tread depth.
  • Works well in snow conditions.
  • Keep aligned to avoid the shorter tread lifespan.

2. Travelstar Ecopath HT – Best 225/75R16 10 Ply Truck Tire

Travelstar Ecopath HT

Got a 2011 Jeep Liberty Sport Edition and looking for the best 225/75R16 ten ply truck tire for this 4-door minibeast?

Well, we got you covered because you have landed here for the only reason- buy a tire for your Jeep Liberty!

Worry not; Travelstar Ecopath HT is right here and ready to be picked. This excellent tread design has a ten-ply highway terrain aspect, making this Sport edition 2011 Jeep Liberty cruise unmatched speed.

The sporty look is felt good on the highways; despite the powerful diesel engine, the second most-stressing object out of this minibeast-looking vehicle is all four tires with equal tread across.

It is the tire that seems nice and wise to invest the money over. It fits nicely on the sizable R16 rim size, and if you got the dedicated alloy rims to increase the value of this mini beast, you are in luck because they look stunning on any alloy rim design.

This light truck and SUV-rated tire are suitable to accept over 2,678 lbs, keeping the vehicle in balance while managing the vehicle weight, passengers, and luggage stored in the boot.

  • Highest-performing 10 ply highway terrain tire.
  • Bears more load than ever.
  • Extended tread depth lasting for years.
  • Somewhat expensive but holds more features than you can count!

3. Cooper Evolution Tour – Best All-Season Tire for Jeep Liberty

Cooper Evolution Tour

The 2010-made vehicle is hard to maintain, but when you have a 2010 Jeep Liberty Renegade, the scenario could be different from how we projected.

Start with the maintenance, and keep the bodywork glowing all the time — the second and essential part is the tires.

It is not just the fancy-looking alloy rims that attract the onlookers, and it’s the glowing tire that grabs it.

Out of many available options in the market, we believe in clean, clear, and fitting tire meeting with the size of 235/65R17.

For that, we opted to present the Cooper Evolution Tour, the best all-season tire for Jeep Liberty, to add more to its beauty.

Although it may look bland to bear all the weight associated with the vehicle itself, the passengers, and the way you drive, giving more stress on the tires, it would not steer away, lose the grip, and slip while braking, especially when it is raining.

It comes with a 104T rating, which bears around 1,984 lbs and retains the top sustain speed of over 118mph that is cool enough for a jeep to have.

We do not find any reason to dislike Cooper Evolution Tour to hit the roads in all seasons for budget-savvy jeep owners!

  • All-season touring tire.
  • Extended treadwear life.
  • Ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Little less tread depth.

4. Hankook Kinergy ST H735 – Best Radial Tire for All-Season Drive

Hankook Kinergy ST H735

When it comes to picking the tire, we always demand to opt for plain and straightforward treaded tires.

Though many would go against this piece of advice, the frequent long drive could turn super messy because you do not halt for some quick rest given the fact you have an expensive tire which should be okay to keep going for hours at a higher speed.

But the situation can worsen (GOD forbid), as not just your body that needs rest to stress, the tires do demand some rest along the route to ensure they do not burst out due to excessive heat and pressure built inside.

Tire bursting is the most significant cause of accidents during the summer because car owners believe their expensive tires do not need rest.

Knocking the miles down on the odometer, take a quick rest even for a couple of minutes to deal with the heat, but that is the worst-case scenario when you got a fancy tire to show off.

If your 2010 Jeep Liberty Renegade got a Hankook Kinergy ST H735, the situation would be the opposite. This radial tire is believed to perform in all seasons while giving a smooth but somewhat noisy drive.

Perfect solution for the long route driving, it withstands over 1,984 lbs with the sustained top speed of 130mph but does not keep the accelerator on it for 10 minutes to avoid increasing the chance of tire bursting.

  • Best affordable all-season radial tire.
  • Guaranteed to last 70,000 miles on the odometer.
  • Known for the best comfortable ride.
  • Drive carefully on bumpy roads to avoid damaging the air nozzle due to pressure.

5. Kumho CRUGEN KL33 – Best 235/65R17 All-Season Tire


The jeep should always have a fancy tire. Have you heard this from the folks you know, then you listen to it all wrong?

Got a 2010 Jeep Liberty Renegade edition in your possession; the only satisfactory solution seems to have Kumho CRUGEN KL33 known for the best 235/65R17 all-season tire for the best possible performance.

And with the rating of 104V tells the same story; the maximum load capacity of 1,984 lbs and 149mph as the top sustained speed. We do not recommend exceeding the rated speed for the sake of your own and the vehicle’s safety.

Enjoy the responsive steering to feel well on the highway and on the normal-built roads where it would not jitter and vibrate no matter what speed you cruise on.

The more extraordinary tread design zaps the noise, reduces the chances of vibration, and always ensures a comfortable ride all along the route.

And its advanced rubber compound build keeps the tire on track despite the wet and cold road conditions, vehemently minimizing the chance of slipping.

All in all, this is the best tire for your Jeep Liberty ever to own. Conversing you good money as it lasts longer than expected, and hardly gets the puncture thanks to its deep tread depth.

  • Greater tread depth.
  • Works god in all seasons.
  • Do not lose the grip in wet road conditions.
  • It may produce some noise on the road.

6. Goodyear Wrangler ST – Best 225/75R16 Radial Tire

Goodyear Wrangler ST

Goodyear, the brand that only a handful of vehicle owners know, but the highest-ever performance and the stability it provides, got no match.

Known as the best 225/75R16 radial tire, Goodyear Wrangler ST Radial goes well on your 2008 Jeep Liberty Sport when it comes to finding the stock-size tire.

And its rating of 104S allows it to withstand over 1,984 lbs of maximum load with the sustained top speed of around 112mph resulting in catching more distance in less time. But the sustained top speed is something you should be careful enough to play with — posing carelessness can cause severe damage to the vehicle and result in a fatal accident.

So, we very much advise you to keep that sustained top speed for a few minutes to turn the tire cool. Excess pressure may burst the tire, which may lead to severe damages.

Suppose you care for yourself and the passengers around you despite owning the high-performance jeep. In that case, we urge you to always use S-rated tires because most passenger vehicles move with S-rated tires considered safe and economical.

Spotted something special? 🙂 Well, the tire comes with a Tread Wear Indicator telling you when is the time to replace the tire, and if anything is proportionally causing damage to your tire (bad alignment, etc.) Rest assured, the tire would still last for a longer duration.

One last piece of advice: Keep the tires inflated to the recommended air pressure, and see it cruising for years! 🙂

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Shows Tread Wear Indicator to detect how much tread is left.
  • Got a good tread depth.
  • Radial tire and may produce some noise on the road.

7. Travelstar Ecopath AT – Best 10 Ply All-Terrain Tire

Travelstar Ecopath AT

A jeep is going into the desert without a problem. And then expecting the same for the average car, do not ever think of trying that.

But not just the heavier diesel engine would help cruise through the dense sand of a desert because there you do not need a powerful engine but reliable tires to help you float.

Ever faced the sand-sticking experience despite running the powerful engine vehicle, you have no idea what works the best for desert driving.

What you really have to trust upon the wheels of your vehicles, and the wheels are not the only responsible aspect to rely upon — you have to have the tires made known for desert driving, even drive through all terrains no matter where you lead the jeep.

For that, we are up and ready to introduce this heavy-duty tire from Travelstar Ecopath AT, which not just fits on your relatively small-sized rim of 225/75R16 but downsizes the chance of sticking into the sand. You do not need to come by at full speed as you may quickly get the car out of the sand even at the static rate.

115S allows the tire to conveniently bear over 2,678 lbs in the maximum load capacity range while providing the highest top sustained speed of 112mph. So be it the paved road or the sand, the car would outperform many claiming to be the best counterpart in this price range.

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  • The best all-terrain tire for your Jeep Liberty.
  • Ten plies making the strong sidewalls bear more weight than ever.
  • Highest tread depth.
  • Mildly expensive.

8. Westlake SU318 – Best All-Season 235/70R16 Tire for 2008 Jeep Liberty

Westlake SU318

We are confident most vehicle owners opt for affordable tires. And when they do, they often end up picking the unknown and cheap-priced tires from the brands that none knew.

Westlake SU318, the best all-season 235/70R16 tire for 2008 Jeep Liberty, is a name that not all have known. But that is not a problem anymore as the customers have purchased the exact tire just like any trending product.

Whopping affordable price that is way below $100 bill, this is something always can afford to fit into their 2008 Jeep Liberty Rocky Mountain Edition.

Despite its size that goes into the normal-range rim, be ready to become the proud owner of this Westlake SU318, and forget about the degraded performance.

It has a low price; however, do not expect cheap performance in all cases. Its 106T rating proves to bear more load than expected, so it gets to hold over 2,094 lbs and the top speed of 118mph, which is acceptable by frequent cruisers to reach your destination on time.

Worried about the tread rubbing too quickly, then you should not be, thanks to its tread depth of 11/32″, which may last for up to two years.

  • Super affordable.
  • Radial tire for all-season driving.
  • Higher tread depth for longer life.
  • Creates more annoying noise on the bumps.

9. Falken Wildpeak AT3W – Best 235/70R16 Tire

Falken Wildpeak AT3W Tire

Falken Wildpeak AT3W all-terrain tire, the excellent fit for the best 235/70R16 tire, can turn out to be your wise investment.

If you’re not familiar with Falken, you may not be aware of the brand’s stellar reputation. We would put Falken right up there with top brands like Yokohama. In fact, we compared Falken and Yokohama and found the two brands to be very close in quality and performance.

Although the external look seems more like driving in wet conditions and the wild, the real fun is that it performs in all-terrain conditions.

Whether wet, snow, mud, wild, desert or paved roads, you can always expect the best performance. And not only it glides through the all-terrain, but the all-weather build ensures you can use the exact tire in all 12 months despite ever-changing weather.

Especially when you are to explore the offroad conditions, this Falken Wildpeak AT3W got no match. Please do not go for its higher price; look at the countless features!

It comes with 3D Canyon sipe technology, which protects the sidewalls from wear and burst into pieces on high torque without losing stability.

Even with its heavier and outrageous build, its 109T rating assists in withstanding over 2,271 lbs while sustaining the top speed of 118mph, which produces more torque to lead the way through the rough routes.

  • Best higher tread depth.
  • One of the best all-terrain radial tire.
  • Intriguing tread design.
  • A bit high in price.

10. Michelin Defender LTX M/S – Best High-Performance Radial Tire

Michelin Defender LTX MS Tires

We had something peculiar unveiled on the last, and we are doing the same once again.

Michelin Defender LTX M/S is a radial tire but known for its best high-performance radial tire, upgrading the look of your 2005 Jeep Liberty Rocky Mountain Edition.

This can only be achieved when you have the relevant tire installed, Rocky Mountain Edition. No power, no diesel, and nothing else could generally help out other than the sturdy tires’ set.

And 109T, this little rating embossed on the tire, tells the whole story in short. This rating reveals the tire’s maximum load capacity is close to bear 2,271 lbs and the top speed to achieve is 118mph. For the frequent heavy-loading road trips or camping by the roadside, or exploring the off-road places, this exact tire is just for you!

And when you hit the off-road, the tire may register extra tear and wear, but the deep tread depth of over 12/32″ ensures extended tread life and no harm caused to the sidewalls.

For the radial tires, Michelin Defender LTX M/S has the highest-ever price tag for a single tire because of its unprecedented performance, design, and handling stability to rock the long road trip in all weather.

  • All-season radial tire to work all the year.
  • Durable tread life.
  • Eco-friendly design to converse you the good fuel.
  • High in price, but worth to own.

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Tires for Jeep Liberty

There is a set procedure when it comes to buying the best tires for Jeep Liberty (all editions, all models), and the tire sizes do vary depending on the model of your jeep Liberty and Edition as well.

Stay recommended

We can only request, no force. Always pick the tire according to the OEM specified rim size. Never believe and trust the mechanics and friends to replace the rim and install something off the recommendation.

Picking the wrong tire for the unrecommended rim size can cause severe issues to your vehicle, especially the suspension system, as it puts excessive pressure around, which you cannot afford for such a jeep that may hit offroad.

Look for tire’s type

Touring, all-terrain, all-season, and performance: these four are the traits ensuring your tire works in almost all road conditions despite the weather severity.

Most of the tires are all-season, and other features are separate and depend on what the customers want.

So, unsure about what tire type you need for your Jeep Liberty, we would recommend an all-terrain and all-season tire to stick with as it performs in all drive conditions without a problem.

Know the ratings

109T, 106V, 115S, and so forth: Have you seen these for the first time? If you have, you might be super surprised as to what they really represent.

To cut down on the confusion, this alphanumeric rating means the max load capacity and sustained top speed, which you should never exceed to get the best out of your tire.

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Now that you have the exclusive list of the top 10 best tires for Jeep Liberty (all editions and models) do not feel helpless when it comes to finding out the market-competitive tires for this discontinued jeep brand.

Coupled with what fits the varying Jeep Liberty models, you would never find any problems and issues by owning our recommended tires.

Get your Jeep Liberty the good tire as per your budget, and forget about the degraded performance!