Top 10 Best Zero Turn Tires for Hills in 2022

Best Zero Turn Tires for Hills

Landscapers often have to navigate their machines up and down steep hills, so it’s important to find the right tires for the job. In this post, we’ll take a look at the best zero turn tires for hills and outline some of the factors you should consider when making your purchase. Keep reading to learn more!

Best Zero Turn Tires for HillsWheel SizeMax Load CapacityPrice
Carlisle HD Field Trax22X12-8600 lbs Check Price
Kenda Scorpion K29020X7-8193 lbs Check Price
Carlisle All Trail23X8-12677 lbs Check Price
SunF A02720X10-9386 lbs Check Price
Carlisle Snow Hog18X6.5-8761 lbs Check Price
Premium LMTS37318X7.50-18Unknown Check Price
GBC XC-Master20X11.00-10331 lbs Check Price
Carlisle 511102118X7.50-8110 lbs Check Price
Kenda K358 Turf Rider16X6.50-8415 lbs Check Price
WANDA 1304020X10-81,190 lbs Check Price

1. Carlisle HD Field Trax – Best Traction Tire for Zero Turn

Carlisle HD Field Trax

Some lawnmowers would react differently. Why the heck do you need this oversized and expensive tire for your zero-turn mower?

Since it is zero-turn, it would not gain any high speed, so why purchase such a beast-looking tire differently?

Although this is the same repetitive situation most gardening-lovers have to go through when their relatives visit them, the fact is, it is your property, and you are not answerable to anyone. πŸ™‚

So, we greatly appreciate your concern and seriousness towards your zero turn mower because this machine you would be relying on for decades requires equal care to keep mowing.

Carlisle HD Field Trax, the perfect and the best traction tire for a zero-turn, is right here. And best fits on the mower wheel size of 22X12-8, assisting in bearing more weight than ever without sacrificing the speed.

Its 71C load index and speed rating can withstand 600 lbs with the top speed of 37 mph, but we advise not to sustain this high speed as it may cause more damage than good overturning and flipping. Take it like it is not a speed car, it is just a lawnmower representing the engine’s power to go uphill quickly, and that is it.

  • Bears more weight.
  • Higher tread depth.
  • Good fit on the lawnmower.
  • Somewhat expensive.

2. Kenda Scorpion K290 – Best Tire for Grip on Zero Turn

Kenda Scorpion K290 Tire

Zero-turn vehicles, be it zero-turn go-kart, zero-turn mower, and anything with or without the steering wheel, you cannot rely on your life to go wasted when you unexpectedly lose the grip on the uphill, and especially on the downhill slopes resulting in fatal accidents.

Specifically speaking, the scenario would be somewhat different when your route is super wet. We expect to project the plan in your mind:

  • Your garden got some down and upslopes.
  • It is raining cats and dogs.
  • You cannot turn down the opportunity to mow the lawn.

The above scenarios seem a dumb idea. How come one should be mowing the lawn in the hard rain? Okay, let’s not do that while it is raining, but what about you do post-rain?

Yes, right after the rain when the soil is wet, damp, and slippery to the extreme level. You just set foot on the ground, and you go slipping.

Under this situation, the only way around is to find something to achieve next-level grip, and Kenda Scorpion K290 is known as the best tire for grip on zero turns.

This tire would not lose its grip, be it a slippery uphill drive from the lawn or the garden getting completely swamped. And when you even have to take the zero-turn during the uphill drive, no chance of slipping and overturning. The engraved tread blocks pierce through, providing impressive grip!

Best for the rear placing, this can easily hold 193 lbs and is rated for the top speed of 50 mph. That is just the specified maximum speed and not the normal one to always try driving your lawnmower.

  • Best ATV-rated tire for lawn mower.
  • Lightweight build.
  • Fits good on Front Max.
  • May get frequent punctures.

3. Carlisle All Trail – Best 23X8-12 ATV Tire

Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire

Carlisle Paddles, the one known best brand producing the ATV tires, bring up this wonderful creature in your possession.

Carlisle All Trail, one best 23X8-12 ATV tires, is going to rock the look of your little ATV beast!

Made in Italy, the winery’s land, we can only expect how qualitative the build would be.

Wanting to explore the off-road tracks around you, it comes with the tightly-grooved tread that ensures the increased stability no matter what is the ground condition, but is careful not to drive an ATV with this tire on over the hard surface because it may respond to losing the tread wear at the faster rate.

So, you may sense the feel it is specifically crafted for the off-road tracks, be it gravel, muddy, and sandy. And as you know, ATVs know no boundary; all it cares about is you should have a daring heart to go in the wild being careless of the track conditions.

Lightweight build for the increased value of your invested money; you may put it on the ATV or the zero-turn lawn mower per your choice!

  • Impressive tread pattern.
  • Provides the best traction on uphill.
  • Made in Italy.
  • A little expensive.

4. SunF A027 – Best Tubeless ATV UTV Tire

SunF A027 Tubeless ATV UTV Tire

Do not trust something by looking at the design. If that is how you pick a product, especially a tire, believe us, that is the wrong approach from the very beginning.

SunF A027, the best tubeless ATV UTV tire available in the market, we can assume many would feel like how come this form of the tire could bear the extreme weight of ATV and UTV?

Each of these tires can bear over 386 lbs while sustaining the top speed of 62 mph, but this should not surprise you anymore. It is not just the load index or the maximum speed rating, and we believe the build has to be strong enough to sustain this much load through the bumpy and gravel routes.

And what part should be more robust from all of the tires is the sidewalls. The heavier 6-plies rating ensures it does not rub at a faster pace and shows good resistance to puncture so that you can drive through the bushes worry-free.

It was a perfect fit for the wheel size of 20X10-9, the spacious width with the tread blocks designed not to lose its grip.

Whether ATV, UTV, golf cart, or the lawnmower, either hit the racing but gravel track or hit the garden to mow it down even by going uphill without a problem.

  • Sport tire to experience long-lasting results on a lawnmower.
  • Withstands more load capacity.
  • Do not slip on wet routes.
  • A bit high in price but ensures the best performance.

5. Carlisle Snow Hog – Best Bias Tire for Zero Turn

Carlisle Snow Hog Best Bias Tire for Zero Turn

Be it the zero-turn lawn mowers, carts, mini quads, this Carlisle Snow Hog tire is the perfect fit.

But remember, this tire is the best solution for snow-covered gravel tracks. Where no other tires work, this showcases utmost performance despite the snow thickness.

Traveling uphill with snow-covered tracks, the snow would not degrade in the performance. Not sticking into the snow-covered potholes, you can either hit the place with mini quads to go along with your friends and see them experiencing the issues as they move up on the snowy hill.

And when you pick this exact tire for your zero-turn lawnmowers, the presence of snow is the pure form of inconvenience which can undoubtedly have you face the worst experience of mowing the lawn.

So, this snow-hogger is the ultimate choice for the best performance that you can expect, even in the snowy months. After all, you cannot leave your garden unattended for the entire season, can you?

Then, the same is the answer for the daredevils who are as careless as us and who do not stop by the extreme cold; the mountain range exploration in the thick snow seems possible when you get this Carlisle Snow Hog’s bias tire on your mini quad. So, never say no to your mad mind! πŸ™‚

  • Works well in snow for lawn mowing.
  • Do not slip and skid.
  • Soft on turf.
  • A bit out in the price.

6. Premium LMTS373 – Best Budget Zero-Turn Tire

Premium LMTS373 Budget Zero Turn Tire

Low on the budget but not aiming to compromise on the quality, we believe Premium LMTS373 is the best budget zero-turn tire.

A perfect tire for your lawnmower and the go-kart, this gets to fit well on 18X7.50-18, having 4-plies that shed not just the price but can withstand more load.

But picking a 4-ply tire comes with its cons. The real problem is that despite all the positives, the 4-ply tire is prone to punctures in some instances when the tire is running low with low air pressure and having more weight attached to it.

So, always keep it fully inflatable to the recommended air pressure to avoid getting punctures, especially with the load on. Amending the punctured tire with the load on can turn out to be an intolerable situation.

Although the apparent design could make you feel this tire would not survive the uphill and downhill drive on the lawn with the full load, especially in post-rain situations, the tread blocks ensure it does not lose the traction being running upon the total wet and slippery soil.

We can only assume how durable this tire would be with more extended width and a series of grooved tread blocks. And that there is no need to replace the tire for a while!

  • Durable.
  • Best tractions on uphill.
  • Tubeless tire.
  • It may mess up the turf if turned on zero angles.

7. GBC XC-Master – Best Zero Turn Bias Tire

GBC XC-Master Best Zero Turn Bias Tire

Let’s give some sporty look to your zero-turn mower by installing this ATV-rated GBC XC-Master.

Known for its best performance on ATV, this falls under the best zero turn bias tire category to outperform the neighborhood lawnmowers. Ignite them in jealousy, roam around in your open garden and see how they would look at you in rage!

Jokes apart, this exact tire never resists mowing down the whole lawn despite the weather condition.

Be it raining or the intense sunlight pouring on the ground, and this tire will never degrade in the performance. The wider trade blocks in enormous size pierce down in the background to make sure it sustains the best traction to avoid overturning when going uphill.

With the load index of 42 and the associated speed rating of C is the real work here! Providing the maximum load capacity of up to 331 lbs and 31 mph of top speed, do not have your lawn mower get stuck in any ditch or potholes.

And 6-ply construction may sound light and cheap, but it is the only way to manage higher mentioned loads by gaining the fast speed and bearing the sudden jerks to prevent it from overturning and flipping.

  • Bigger and broader for the outstanding performance.
  • Holds the might load.
  • Tubeless built.
  • Somewhat heavier.

8. Carlisle 5111021 – Best Turf Saver Bias Tire

Carlisle 5111021 Turf Saver Bias Tire

Ruining a turf by driving the lawnmower over, and if you feel afraid of causing a lawnmower, would it all; let’s drop that fear!

No matter whichever lawnmower you have, if it comes with the wheel size of 18X7.50-8, this Carlisle 5111021 is the right tire for your beast.

Now, drive it through the turf that you just laid days ago with extreme confidence. Just make sure not to hit the brake all of a sudden; again, if that is what you are thinking at the moment? Wrong thought again, fella! πŸ™‚

It is as skid proof as you may imagine, hit full brake for the complete halt, and it would stop in no time without slipping.

The non-directional construction allows the tread to turn in any direction, be it a zero-turn at the relatively high speed with peace, so it minimizes all the chances of overturning.

But do not expect it to bear the extreme load; the load index rating of 4 proves it may only take 110 lbs as the maximum load capacity. And the speed rating of 130 mph, but who can hit this much speed at the lawnmower alone? That is the top achievable speed and not something you should ever try to achieve at this speed on a lawnmower; this is risky and fatal.

After all these powerful features, there is a big con… It is a non-winter tire. Do not try using the tire in the winter season, and the winter does not mean only the snow.

  • A real turf-friendly tire.
  • Super affordable.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • May skid during braking.

9. Kenda K358 Turf Rider – Best Bias Tire for Lawn

Kenda K358 Turf Rider Tire for Lawn

Kenda K358 Turf Rider seems one of the best bias tires for the lawn to trust, mowing the whole down in one go.

Just laid the turf, this bias tire would not create any mess as it glides smoothly on the turf without punching the treads down into the soil. The 2-ply build provides more substantial power to its sidewalls bearing over 415 lbs, even being tubeless. And when you have it, let’s forget about the punctures!

Be it any lawnmower in your possession, make sure it comes with the wheel size of 16×6.50-8, as it is the least recommended size for a better fit.

Enjoy better grip on the wet tracks and going uphill; this would not damage the turf in any case and helps to let the mower climb over the hill.

Kenda, the brand known for producing the outclass and high-performing tires for the outdoor power equipment, has never observed any Kenda tire making a complaint.

So, this one is again going to rock your lawn!

  • Glides nicely on the turf.
  • 2-ply build.
  • Provides greater load management capacity.
  • Harder to find the air nozzle to inflate.

10. WANDA 13040 – Best Multipurpose Turf Tire

WANDA 13040 Multipurpose Turf Tire

Not one but two of these tires in one deal. So, it would help if you got brand new dual tires for your zero-turn lawnmower. It fits good on the rear and over the wheel size of 20X10-8; they are somewhat bigger but make sure these tires should only install on the specified wheel size.

WANDA 13040, the best multipurpose turf tires, are just the bargain — These massive lawn mower tires could be somewhat expensive if bought one by one.

Made to perform beyond the expectations, they are also turf-friendly to go around the lawn without messing.

Having a deep tread of 7.1mm, this would take years for it to turn bald. πŸ™‚

Used 4-plies and you do not have to worry about amending the puncture by taking the tube out; this is one of the best tubeless tires saving you from dealing with a mess – it can happily withstand over 1,190 lbs @ 22psi pressure. This specified load capacity is never offered by the tires’ manufacturers who specifically deal with the lawnmowers.

So, roam around the lawn without any worries at all.

  • 2-in-1 tires in one purchase.
  • Multi-purpose turf-friendly tire.
  • 4-ply tubeless build.
  • Not a dot-rated tire.

The Exclusive Buying Guide for Picking Zero Turn Tires for Hills

What you should not disregard when picking the best zero turn tires for hills, let us help to go into good details to clear all of your confusion.

Look at width

Though it increases the chance of getting punctures, the width here is the optimal sign the tire would provide good grip.

Being wide enough helps to tackle the extreme uphills even at the lowest speed without the fear of overturning. To sum that up in few words, width here is the sign of your survival.

Tread pattern

It is not just the hills to tackle, but you are driving the lawnmower of the recently-laid turf.

So, look for something with a slight tread depth to ensure it does not mess up the turf and the broad shoulders to have viable traction.

Load capacity

You do not need the top speed but the maximum load capacity rating to bear the weight of the entire lawnmower, all the attached outdoor garden equipment, and your weight as well.

So, opt for something that brings you a higher load capacity.


It is a pure challenge to find the best zero turn tires for hills from the market.

Since the mowers come with stock tires, not everyone is well-informed about the technicalities to adhere to when purchasing the replacement tires for your mowers.

So, we kept everything in check before finding the recommended and fit-sized tires for the lawnmowers, along with the complete buying guide to understand what you should be looking for before the purchase.

Now, feel no worries and decide all by yourself which tires you do require. Have a budget, and let’s go! πŸ™‚