How Long Does It Take To Mount 4 Tires?

Tire mounting is the process of placing tires on the rim and then install the wheels onto the car’s axels. Whenever you buy a set of tires, you have to need mounting and also balancing them. Every vehicle owner knows that the mounting of tires must on time. Well-mounted and balanced tires will give you a smooth and straight ride. Luckily, it will never be problematic to get new tires mounted when you go to the experts.

But if you want to do it on your own and searching for how much time the mounting process takes. Then you are in the right place. Nobody wants their car to be in the workshop for too long. So, how long does it take to mount 4 tires? About an hour? Or 2 hours max? Well, it depends on how much you are an expert in tire mounting. A professional can do this process in about 30 minutes on an average car. If you’re doing it by hand, it can go 2 hours long.

How to Mount Tires Without a Machine?

Tires can be mounted in 3 main ways. The first method is by using a machine, the quickest and easy way of tire mounting. The second is with the help of a hand-operated tire changer. The third one is by hand, but this method requires more care and accuracy. Moreover, it helpful at that time when you can’t take your car to a tire shop.

Tire mounting without a machine can be easy or fast if you have done this in the right way. First, you need to clean and lubricate the bead and edge of the rim. Place the tire on the wheel and thrust it until the lower sidewall gets fix on the wheel. By the use of a lever bar, the upper side is pushed on the rim. You can take a small section to remove the bead folding above the metal edge.

After reinstalling the valve stem, put the tire changer and ratchet straps near the centerline tire. These straps help seat the bead after tire fixation. You have to apply more pressure for proper fixing of the tire into the rim. Now fill the air in the tire to settle the bead. Be careful so that your hand is not stuck in it. Take away the strap and fill the required pressure in the tire. Make sure that there is no tire leakage.

Is Tire Balancing Required After Mounting?

Yes, tire balancing is crucial after mounting. Tire balancing is the process of making level weight distribution in the tire. For a smooth ride, the tire should be on the center of the wheel. There are usually many built-in solid spots in the tires. Balancing of these spots is required with the small weights on the rim.

You feel vibration at more than 45 mph speed as the result of tire imbalance. Tires can wear out quickly with repeated vibrations, and also wheel shocks, bearing, and other suspension components can worsen the condition.

If spots on the wheel or tire lined up with each other, then more vibration will produce. A professional can fix this problem within 15-20 minutes by spinning the tire slightly on the wheel so that spots remain unmatched.

Cost of Mounting 4 Tires

The cost of mounting tires can vary from place to place. It also depends on the type of tire and dealership where you go. The cost of mounting 4tires can range from $80 to $100. Truck tires or heavy tires will be more costly to install and balance than regular car tires.

Is it Essential to Go For Professional Service?

If you don’t have the proper equipment for tire mounting, then yes, you should get help from professionals. There are many common tire mounting mistakes that people make when they try this process at home. Tires mounting turns costly for them to fix these mistakes. You have to be careful while raising and lowering the car. Without any loss to your vehicle, you must require a professional setup. It is in your hands to search for the best technician who can do this tire mounting and balance for you within time.

Final Words

How long does it take to mount 4 tires? It is not all that long for a master in mounting tires. A professional can do this whole process within 45 minutes. But if your tires need more services like alignment or balancing, then it can go a little bit longer. After all, you will enjoy new tires on your vehicle with a smooth and safe ride.

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