How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires – A Detailed Comprehension

Owning a vehicle is full of responsibilities. To keep the drive smooth and safe, you have to pay your time and money keeping the car well-maintained. Must us of believing that engine is the only part that needs to be up-to-date. But little did we know, tires are also the driving agent of the vehicle that needs attention.

Have you ever pay attention to your car tires? Did you ever rotate them? In this article, we will guide you about tire rotation. Also, how often should you rotate your tires?

What Is Tire Rotation?

You must be wondering that now what the tire rotating is. Well, rotating the tires is somehow similar to balancing the tires. In tire rotation, we exchange the position of the tires from one to another to distribute the tread wear.

In most cases, we have noticed that car owners rotate the car in simple order, like replacing the front wheel with the rare one. But do you think so this process is as simple as it sounds? Not at all!

There is a precise pattern of rotating the tire according to what type of vehicle and tire you have. But before you check out the process of switching the tires, read below how often you should rotate the tires.

How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires?

How often should you rotate your tires depends on what vehicle you have and what the manual guide says about it. For instance, the tire switching duration for the car is different as compared to truck tires. Similarly, the jeep wrangler also has a different time duration for rotating the tires.

You should rotate the car tires every 4000-6000 miles. In this range, car tires face a lot of hurdles. By switching them, you can keep their performance smooth.

For truck tires, the rotating time is every 6000 miles. Well, we have to say that rotating truck tires is not easy peasy lemon squeezy. You should not rotate the tires yourself unless you are a professional.

Lastly, for the jeep wrangler, 7000-9000 miles is the maximum to rotate the tires.

How to Rotate Your Tires?

Hey, do you know the pattern of rotating the tires? The way you alternate the tire defines its performance. Now here, different experts and technicians will explain various rotating methods. However, the widely used ones are;

  1. Non-directional rotation
  2. Directional rotation

Non-Directional Tires Rotation

Have you ever notice the tread wear of the tire and wondered what these all are about? You may underestimate these tread lines, but in reality, these lines determine the direction of your tire. If your tires have non-directional tread lines, it means that you can mount them in any part.

For instance, to replace the back non-directional tire, you have to apply the cross-over pattern. In simple words, rotate the rare right tire in the opposite direction to the left front tire. The same goes with the left rare-tire.

Directional Tires Rotation

After reading the concept of non-directional tires, you have an idea about the directional tires. Directional tires are one-way tires. The tread wear lines on these tires are one-directional. While mounting the tires, you have to check the little arrows printed on these tires.

Now the method you will use to rotate directional tires is back and forth. Rotate the left front tire with the left rare tire. And right front tire with the right-rare tire.

So, ready for the process of how to rotate tires? Below is the step-by-step process.

Step 1

Part your car at a place where you can easily rotate the tires by engaging the parking brake.

Step 2

Now unscrew the lug nuts of the wheel to loosen them. Here the thing you have kept in mind, do not lose the nuts wholly. Make sure that the wheel is loosely mounting to its place.

Step 3

In this step, you have to use your energy to lift the car. No, do not get it wrong. You are not uplifting the vehicle to remove the tires. You have to apply force on the jack to lift the car. There is a possibility that you may do not have 2-3 jack stands. The trick you have to apply here to save your time is to use bricks to lift the car.

After using the jack to lift the car, place 3-4 bricks at the level of the raised car, then remove the jack to remove another tire. In this way, you can save your time from lifting and down the vehicle.

Step 4

Now remove the tires and rotate them per their direction style. If they are non-directional tires, apply the cross pattern. But if they are directional, use a back and forth pattern.

Remember, your single mistake in determining the direction pattern of your tires can cause you many incidents in the future. Make sure that you are making the right choice.

Step 5

Direction checked; tires rotated, now is the time to get the car in the normal state. Use the jack stand in lowering the vehicle. Now use the wrench and tighten the lug nuts. Make sure that each lug nut is tight.

Why Rotate Your Tires?

Like seriously? Is it necessary to spend your time and energy rotating the tires? After all, the tires can perform even without the need of switching them. To understand why rotating tires is necessary, you have to understand the nature of the tires.

Because the car engine is located in the front area, the front wheels bear about 60% of the car weight. While on the other side, the rare wheels only sustain the loaded weight of the car. In terms of speed, the rare ones are way faster than the front wheels.

In some countries, the ratio of turning the car is also different. Like in the US, the citizens take right turns more than the left turns.

The weight pressure, the turning rate, and the speed rate can cause the tires to burst effortlessly. Rotating tires distributes the pressure and helps in keeping the performance rate on track.

Benefits of Rotating the Tires

Of course, there are benefits to rotating the tires. Scroll to read.

Makes the Life of Tires Long-Lasting

When you give your attention to your car and its part, then for sure, its life span will increase. Nowadays, the wheels replacement average cost is around $400-$700. Of course, you are not supposed to afford this amount all the time. The easiest thing you can do to make the life span of the tires longer is by rotating them.

Saves Money

Owning a car may sound fun, but when it comes to spending money on its maintenance, every owner feels why do we even buy this vehicle? You have to accept the fact like every machinery car also requires money and time on their maintenance. In this scenario, when rotating the tires can help in saving money, why not apply it?

Rotating your car wheels saves the money you spend every month buying new tires because the old one burst due to excess friction and weight.

Ensure Safety

Does rotating the tires ensure your safety? Of course, yes! Suppose your rare tires and front tires are unbalanced, and you do not have an idea about this. What if you drive your car on a rough road and you face an accident? You can save yourself and your family from meeting such accidents by rotating the tires when needed.

Better Gas Mileage

We are sure after reading this point you must be like, how is that possible rotating tires will make the car mileage better? As we have mentioned above, rotating tires reduce the pressure and keep them even for a smooth drive. In this way, the friction and pull on the tires also reduce and give your car a better mileage.

Keep the Tires Balanced

We accept that there are many ways to balance the tires, but do not you think so they costly? Why not keep the car wheels balanced without the need to spend money? According to expert technicians, the only way to keep the tires balanced is by rotating them.

Better & Smooth Ride

You will enjoy a smooth ride only when your car tires are in fine condition. Give your best to keep the tires smooth and balanced for a smooth ride. The more you rotate, the more the wheels be in a better tone. Now do not consider switching the tires every week. Rotate the tires in the time mentioned above.

Perfect Way to Maintain Warranty

If you want to keep your tires within their warranty limit, then rotating them regularly is the best available way. The benefit of having a warranty product is you can claim the manufacturer at any time if the vehicle shows any tuning sign. It also saves the money you send on technicians to get your car repair.

Wheel Rotating vs Wheel Balancing – What Is the Difference?

You are not the first nor the last who is confused between wheel rotating and balancing. Both these processes balance the tire, then what is the main difference between them?

Tire rotating is about displacing the tires from the front position to rare and rare to the front. This process helps in keeping the distribution of tires even for a smooth drive. While on the other hand, wheel balancing is the next step of wheel rotation.

Once you are done rotating your wheel, you have to make sure that the weight among the tires is balanced. And for this, the device you will use is wheel balancing. The wheel balancing will determine that either you have mounted the tires perfectly or not.

Without checking the wheel balance and taking it on a ride can increase the chances of accidents. Your car will give signals of un-balanced wheels like shaking, unstable steering wheel, and continuous vibration. Never ignore these signs and immediately take your car to balance the tires.


After this long article, we are pretty sure that you must have learned lots of new things about tires. Like an engine, pay attention to the car tires as well. Make sure that the tires are well-balanced and in first-class condition.

Lastly, if you found this content valuable, then waiting for what? Share it with your friends and let them know about the importance of rotating tires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it okay to rotate the tires often?

Maybe you can, or you may not. How often should you rotate your tires depends on what type of vehicle and tires you have. Suppose you have a jeep wrangler, and you are switching the tires after every 3000 miles. Do you think this distance is okay according to your vehicle’s nature? Of course, not! For jeep wranglers, the rotating range is 7000-9000 miles.

What is the importance of rotating the tires?

You can not even count the importance of rotating the tires on your fingertips. Rotating the tires periodically helps in distributing the tread wear, balance the weight evenly, and also helps in better gas mileage.

Is tire rotation necessary?

Of course, rotating the tires is necessary to maintain the performance of the vehicle. Manage your time for switching the tires. If you add rotating tires to your vehicle maintenance schedule, you will see a visible difference in your vehicle performance.

When not to rotate tires?

Avoid rotating tires frequently. Read the manual guide of the vehicle or ask an expert technician about the period for rotating tires. Rotating tires often results in loose lug nuts and improper wheel fitting.

What are the symptoms of unbalanced wheels?

Vibration, shaking, unstable steering wheel, and uneven tread wear are the early symptoms of unbalanced wheels. If you are facing these signs, consider rotating the tires immediately. But if the issue remains the same, then contact an expert.

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