How To Take The Air Out Of a Tire? An Easy Guide

So you have mistakenly overfilled the tire and now thinking about removing it but don’t know how to take the air out of a tire? Don’t worry. We got you. Don’t think in a way that it is okay to use an over-inflated tire. Those drivers who use an over-inflated tire face accidents and nothing more.

Below is the step-by-step procedure of how to take the air out of a tire? Scroll down the article to read.

How to Take the Air Out Of a Tire – 5 Easy Steps

Don’t consider the flattening tier as a hectic task. It will hardly take 15-20 minutes. For further convenience, we have described the procedure in five easy peasy lemon squeezy steps.

1. Remove the Valve

Your first task in letting the air out of a tire is to remove the valve. Sit on the ground and obverse where the valve is. The tire valve usually locates between the spokes of the tire. The valve will look like a 2-3 inches projection on the tire.

When you remove the cap of the valve, you will see a metallic tip inside. This tip interconnects with the tube and prevents dust particles from coming inside. Don’t throw the cap away, keep it safe in a bag for reuse.

2. Check the Tire Pressure

Now is the time to check the pressure of the tire. Being a driver, you should know the tactics of how to check tire pressure. The ultimate tool you need to keep with yourself is the pressure gauge. The pressure gauge is not a heavy tool that you can’t carry easily. Below is the procedure of how to check the tire pressure. There is a disclaimer that tire pressure checking is recommended when the tire is cold. In short, check the pressure in the morning or evening.

  • Since you have removed the valve cap already, now put the gauge and keep it where it won’t lose balance.
  • Press the scale against the valve stem.
  • Make sure to press the gauge in a way that it touches the seal perfectly.
  • Now is the time to pay attention. Keep your ears on the gauge, and wait for the hissing sound.
  • Now take the gauge out, and read the reading.

3. Press the Metal Tip with a Screwdriver

Removing the valve will not let out all the air. You need to put in some extra effort. All you need to do is to show the screwdriver magic. Take a screwdriver and press its tip on the metal tip of the valve.

Once you press the screwdriver tip, you will hear a hissing sound. This sound indicates that the air is passing out of the tire. If you don’t have a screwdriver, then you can also use a needle or nail.

4. Jack Up Your Car

This step is only for those who want to flatten the tire completely. If you try to flatten the completely without jacking it up, you are doing a big blender. Not using a jack and flatting a car or truck tire will damage its rotors.

There is a disclaimer doesn’t use the car jack if you don’t know how to use it properly. Without knowing how to use it can cause damage to the car and injury to you.

5. Unscrew the Metal Pin

Here is the last step of removing the air of the tire. No matter how hard you press the screwdriver on the metal tip and use the jack as well. There still some air roaming in the tire. The last thing you need to do is to use a needle plier to remove the metal tip.

Use a needle plier of about 13 cm long. Insert the plier in the valve and turn it in a clockwise direction. Once you do this, you will hear a hissing sound. It indicates that all air is finally out of the tire.

How to Maintain the Right Pressure?

No matter how many times you learn the tactics of how to take the air out of a tire, if you’re not focusing on how to maintain the precise pressure, you are missing everything. Not low nor high, you need to maintain a balance in the tire pressure.

Do check the tire pressure once every month. The sign of improper tire pressure is when you are riding on a straight road, but you feel that the car is being pulled from one side to another. It is a sign of an over-inflated tire.

But Why Over Inflating the Tire is Not Recommended?

Other than any scientific reason, the most common purpose says that overinflating the tire is dangerous and can effortlessly cause accidents. Everything sounds perfect when used within the recommended limit. Excess use causes nothing but issues.

When you over-inflate the car tire, it can blast like dynamite. Over-inflate tires when runs on a rough stony road, one pointy stone is enough to tear the tire. Not only on a rocky road but also smooth road over-inflate tiers drop the vehicle traction.

Instead of facing injuries and other issues, it is better to maintain accurate pressure. Always fill the same pressure indicated by the pressure gauge. Not more nor less.


After this comprehension, you must have figured out how to take the air out of a tire. Do follow the procedure step-by-step for accurate results. We also have mentioned the pressure maintaining tips, do follow them.

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