Michelin Defender vs Premier: Which One is Preferable?

Michelin is considered one of the best tire manufacturers across the globe. Michelin is a French brand that starts 20 century by revolutionizing the automotive world. After this type of perfect invention, they did not stop and they introduced radial tire this brand is also remembered because they run the first flat tire in 1934. Michelin tire changes the quality of drive experience by its tires if you talk about comfort, control, grip, long life, or anything Michelin takes the relation of the vehicles and road to the next level.

Specialty of Michelin’s Tires:

Michelin again shocks the world by following its trend of innovation after its marvelous invention. Michelin introduced a tire that is airless and impossible for the puncher. These tires seem to be common in every vehicle at some time. Now we will compare the most popular lineup by the Michelin top two models are defender and Premier.

Both models of Michelin Defender and Premier cover the same type of vehicles both defender and Premier come in similar sizes but there are lots of differences between defender and Premier. Defender and Premier are different from each other in many ways including the way of drive or if you talk about the time of travel or when the product is designed by the customers.

Michelin had proven many times that it’s all models are tough and their promising quality of products proves that it’s all products and models are the best in their categories. Purchasing tires from Michelins is like investing in the family because the track records of Michelin tires in every situation are seriously pretty good.

Model lineup of Defender and Premier:

Defender and Premier both models include touring tires these can deal with the tough road conditions and can be used for a long journey. Defender T+H is a tire that can be used as a regular touring tire for all seasons. While on the other side Premier A/S is considered as an all-season touring tire but grand tours.

Here you were thinking that what are the regular touring tires and what are grand tours tires so the regular basic touring tires are available for normal cars this type of tires come in smaller sizes than 18 inches above these one grand tour tires are considered tougher because they are for fast cars and grand touring tires came in above size than 18 inches.

In other words, grand touring tires perform more than regular touring tires because they are made for high-performance fast cars for better results and regular tires are made for regular cars but it’s not necessary you can put high-performance tires in your regular cars or switch them oppositely it’s all your choice but sizes are the barriers.

Best in class for SUVs:

Defenders and Premier both families have tires for trucks and SUVs. Defender LTX is a tire for off-roading and cross-overs or these or you can say these tires are made for heavy performance and on the other side the Premier LTX tires for high ways or the long road trips so the difference between defender and Premier is very much clear in this category.

So all that means that defender LTX are tires for the off-roading and crossover cars like wrangler and raptor F150 these tires perform much better in off-roading conditions and are trying to improve your cars off-roading capabilities defender LTX is the best choice for your car.

Premier LTX is made for long-on-road conditions. Premier LTX is to perform high on-road Premier LTX perform well on highway drive it improves your performance, grip, and comfort of drive on the road you can use Premier LTX in your Honda CRV or any road trip car.

Drive experience:

Michelin tires are known for their quality of tires their tires will give you a positive drive experience. You find smoothness and improvement in your car’s drive with the comfortable drive it will also improve the grip and steering capability of your car.

Defender and Premier are the most promising products of Michelin. Premier line up will provide you more high performance when it comes to difference but defender line is also good it’s not a low-quality tire defender line up is one of the most well-known tires in its category. So it wants to take your driving experience to a next level Premier is the best choice you have for your car.

Most of the peoples own fast and luxurious cars and the most important part of your car which is directly connected to your driving experience and in the performance of your car are your tires so the Premier lineup provides you the best traction with the best stopping skills with shorter stopping distance along with the better side way grips so you can control your car on high speed and even on deep turns.

On Dry roads:

Both line-up Defenders and Premiers perform well on dry roads. Both tires Defender and Premier show outstanding results on dry roads there is no big difference between both of them so you try both tires Defender and Premier side by side you will unable to figure out the difference. On public roads, while you are at the normal speed these tires will provide you enough traction you ever want. They also provide you the most amazing braking distance.

As we discuss above the premiers line up to perform better than the defender in this category premier will provide you a better experience with better traction better grip better braking distance and better dive experience. So if you want a sporty drive experience Premier line up is the best choice for your car. Remember one thing these tires will show you all these differences in high performance if you trying to figure out these differences in your regular driving so it’s impossible to find out the difference both tires are perfect and will perform excellently in the daily routine normal drive.

Wet traction:

Michelin Tires are made to perform in any kind of situation just like dry traction if we talk about wet traction Michelin tires are one of the best tires for it. The difference between defender and premier lineup moves on in this category. When talking about the wet traction or wet road situation premier leads on top premier is the perfect companion for your car in wet traction. Premier gives incredible results in the wet traction.

If you are having a wet traction problem you should try the premier LTX and premier A/S because of their unbelievable hydroplaning resistance the premier line takes lead on many brands and even on defender line up as well. Premier carry lots of traction that make it the best choice in damp and wet situation it provides you amazing grip even in the wet road conditions.

Simply the premier line provides extreme control on your car. Premier lineup performs above your imagination in wet road conditions you will experience the best braking and stopping distance and control with it as well as on the deep turn you will find incredible control on your vehicle that will provide you the confidence to push on even in the heavy rain.

On the other side, the defender will also perform well in wet road conditions but the road grip and traction are less than premier in the defender’s line up so will not be disappointed but for better results, you will have to move toward the premier line up.

Traction in ice:

When we talk about harsh winters snow and icy roads conditions defender line up and premier line lie much close to each other both lineup of Michelin is made according to all the road conditions but in an icy situation, both defender and the premier line will provide average traction for these type of conditions you should move towards the snow tires. Michelin also contains some snow tire line ups like X-ICE Xi3 and much more.

Between the defender lineup and the premier line, the former tires perform better and provide more traction and shorter stopping distance as we compared to the defender and premier line up but if we talk between the defender and premier the premier line up is slightly better than the defender in icy condition or in harsh winter conditions where a heavy amount of snow is present on the road.

Noise on road:

Both family defenders and premier lie close enough to each other. Defender and premier line performs well in their respective category but former tire gives some better results in this category. They have perfect traction and other performance results but because they don’t have that cheaper softness so they produce a tread growl this noise is defeated by the engine noise on the road while driving.

Because of their traction and sticking ability on road both the defender and premier tire produce noise on road but when it comes to performing both defender and premier are the best choice so if say that this noise can be ignored for many peoples this is right.


Let’s talk about the durability of both lineup defender and premier things are going to be interesting here because the defender is more durable than the premier. Premier was designed for better performance and better traction but defender takes lead here because it contains better hard and tougher surface which makes it more durable and stronger than premier against the damages of treading and punchers.

Defender T+H comes with an amazing warranty of 80000 miles where the premier A/S brings about 60000 miles with it and when we talk about the premier LTX it brings about 60000 miles warranty with it where on the other side defender is again on the lead it brings 70000 miles warranty with it. So here the results are almost clear that in the category of durability the defender lineup is taking lead on the premier’s lineup.


When we talk about the pricing of both families defender and the premier the difference in the prices is about 20%. Premier was designed to improve the driving experience and it was designed for the luxurious cars according to their needs so it is more costly then defender lineup but as we have discussed it above the differences are not much satisfying so many peoples will give defender line lead here.

At the end of this whole discussion, there is no winner so if you are confused about choosing the best tires from Michelins family it never matter whatever you chose it might be from the defender line up or might be from the premier line up but first, you have to choose your priorities and needs what kind vehicle you are having and what kind of road conditions you are having what kind of drive experience you are expecting or wanting from your vehicle. After thinking about all your requirements you will be able to decide or take a more beneficial decision for you.

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Tires are the shoes of your vehicles so if you are expecting more potential in your driving and you want to improve your driving capabilities and want to enjoy your ride you should think about the tires you are having down your vehicle it is important for your safety features also because more have grip and control on your vehicle more you are safe with it. So try to choose tires according to your needs and requirements and enjoy the pleasure of driving.

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