Do Tires Need To Be Balanced When Rotated?

The vehicle needs wheels to drive the auto for a smooth and safe drive. As wheels are the essential part of the vehicle and without them, the automobile cannot move. However, besides this matter, you need to check out the tires need to be balanced or not.

For knowing the reason for your vehicle shaking, you should also know which tire of your ride is encountering a problem. So you can fix it on time, before getting into any trouble while traveling.

Moreover, you can also balance the tire by yourself without any difficulty, attaching tiny weights equal to ounces to balance your tire.

What Is Tire Balancing?

A good tire is based on its suitable uniformity of construction, which leads to even weight distribution. Imperfections and weight distribution would affect the overall ride and handling characteristics.

How to Balance the Imbalance Tire?

Now, balancing tires is a piece of cake. You do not need to go to the vehicle shops and pay an amount of money. There are lots of devices available you can use to balance the tire.

To balance the wheel, you need to add small pieces of metal used as a weight to balance the imbalance tire. Moreover, before putting weight, use a good cleaner on the place of weight and apply some sticky glue on that place so that the weight stays at the spot, then put the weight on the tire to balance it. After this step, you will notice your tire would be perfectly balanced.

Does Tire Rotation Include Balance?

It is not essential to balance tires while rotating them. Rotation and balancing are two different things. Both of them are used to balance the tires to improve the performance of the vehicle.

Rotation refers to moving the tires from rear to front and front to rear or even changing its position as well from left to right and right to left.

In tires rotation, the wheels are rotated and balanced after every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. The rotation process is performed because the tires got exhausted after a long run.

It happened due to deriving the vehicle fast, recklessly, and turning rapidly worn out one of the tires quickly than others.


In tire rotation, the rear tires are placed in the position of the front wheels. It is because the rear-tires exert more power on the road and help in steering means directing.

The right rear tire would place in the left position of the front wheel, and the left rear tire would place in the right position of the front tire.

Rear Wheel

In rear-wheel rotation, the rear tires come into the place of the front wheel. The position will not change when placing the rear tires to the front because the front tires are used to make forward movement.

Does Tire Rotation Need An Alignment?

In tire rotation, the vehicle needs alignment to keep the front-end wheel aligned and keep the auto at the straight path. A wheel has a tie rod adjusted with a nut and threaded rod so it can be adjusted to make the wheel toe-in and toe-out as it needed to be.

If your car is not shaking at the high speed, hopping while driving on the road, the wheel is not pulling to one side or another, then your tires are not worn unevenly. Therefore, you don’t need an alignment.

A tire that needs alignment has scalloped wear on the inside or outside. There are a lot of tools like laser-guided alignment systems that show accurate results. In modern cars, there are rear adjustments and front-end adjustments. If your car gets into any wreck or accident, then you need four-wheel alignment.

  • The alignment depends upon the conditions of the road.
  • The number of times you take right turns than left turns will cause unevenness in tire wear.
  • If you are deriving straight and your steering wheel is shaking, then you need an alignment.
  • If your tires are squeal. If you take a turn at a slow speed it’s normal to hear the squealing sound. But if you are running your car on the straight round and you heard the squealing of the tire then you need an alignment.
  • If you feel excessive vibration in the steering wheel at high speed. Then, your wheel needs alignment.

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How To Tell Which Tire Is Out of Balance?

If you want to know which tire is out of balance for your vehicle, then it is not difficult. You only need a tool to measure it. However, some people use pennies or coins, which is now outdated to know which tire is out of balance.

Here, you only need a simple tool which is a proper way to measure tires. It is pretty cheap and buys from any mechanic shop. Use the bottom part, which goes up and down. Put the metal stick in the tire’s groove. After that push, down the lid.

There are numbers on the handle of the tool. And the first number which shows is seven which is written in a fraction like e.g.; /32”, which would be seven-thirty seconds of an inch. It is the measure of the tread depth of the tire.


It is necessary to know when, where and why you need to balance the tire. After knowing the symptoms of imbalance tires, it is easy to recognize which method to use to get rid of the problem and avoid major troubles and accidents.

Moreover, tire rotation is also important, along with the alignment to keep the vehicle on track. If the alignment is out, you need to go to a professional person to deal with this matter.

After all this information, fixing the tire issues is easy to handle, and ensures the safety of self and others as well.

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