Do UTV Tires Need To Be Balanced? Everything You Need To Know

Wheel balancing is the most important thing for the well-being of the vehicle. But when it comes to the UTV tire, a question always raised, do we need to balance UTV tires? Well, it depends upon the path.

On which kind of terrain you are riding your vehicle with UTV tires.

Balancing a UTV tire is not much complicated, and you can do it on your own. But the people always ask can you balance a UTV or ATV tire at home or with any sort of mechanics?

Is It Possible To Balance Your ATV Tires?

There are plenty of methods available on the internet through which balancing a UTV tire is much easier. But it is always recommended not to perform wheel balancing tasks by yourself. For this purpose, the technicians have the right equipment and knowledge that you do not have.

Well, it is much simpler to balance a UTV tire if it has a removable central cap. If you ride your vehicle on a rocky or bumpy path with a lot of debris and dust, old & traditional methods of wheel balancing will not be suggested.

So, how will you identify whether your tires need wheel balancing or not?

When Do We Need To Balance Your UTV Tire?

UTV tires should be balanced when you start noticing and feeling vibration while driving. Imbalanced tires often lead to unhealthy and unpleasant rough rides.

If the tires are left unbalanced, then with time, you will lose control over your vehicle. A lower gas mileage problem also arises due to this reason. So, when you start detecting these symptoms, you should go straight for wheel balancing.

Why Is It Required To Balance Your UTV Tires?

To extend the life span of your auto, you should balance your UTV tires when necessary. The general purpose of UTV tires is to provide good traction on paved paths, dunes, and even on snow. When the tires are balanced, they are easy to be moved in any direction.

Balanced UTV tires grant you a smoother, even, and speed-efficient ride, especially on a rough path. But unbalanced tires significantly affect the tires’ quality by degrading them quickly.

Methods to Balance Your UTV Tires

UTV tire balancing is not as complicated as the rest of the vehicle maintenance jobs are. Through the following listed methods, it can be done, in no time.

Method 1: Placing Heavy Weights on Tire Rims

This odd but traditional method is still in use to balance the UTV tires. It involves placing weights on the uneven sides of the tires to balance them accurately. It is also known as the sticky balancing technique. Plus point is you can perform tire balancing through this technique at home.

All you need is a fit adhesive tape that can stick the small UTV wheel weights to the rim of your tires efficiently. Another thing that you need is a bubble balancer. When the unbalanced tire is positioned on the machine, it exposes the uneven areas of the tires to us. Other upgraded devices can show you more accurate results. But this equipment is also good to use.

Most UTV/ATV owners do not have high-tech mechanics in their homes. For this reason, they prefer to take their vehicles to the nearest workshop for tire balancing.

Method 2: Tire Balancing With Balance Beads

Riding a vehicle on uneven roads at high speed can make the weights loosen effortlessly. Here is an alternative method which is tire balancing with beads.

They are minute beads made from ceramic. You can install them in the tire while mounting. Stones can spread themselves naturally and balance the tire evenly. For rough riding, this method is much more efficient.

Plenty of methods are here to break the tire bead, but if you do not know how to do it, then tire balancing with beads will be somehow difficult for you. You will need special tools to inject beads flawlessly.

There is a variety of shortcuts that riders mostly use to balance their UTV tires. Like, they use tire slime for this purpose. These kinds of methods will evaluate your tires temporarily. But they will ultimately affect the durability of your tires. That is certainly inconvenient for any user.

Final Verdict

Balanced UTV tires have several advantages: You can extend your UTV tires’ life by attaining regular balancing services. It provides you better command over your vehicle. Moreover, these kinds of maintenance services save you from further wear tears in your auto.

From any automobile shop, you can get these services done at reasonable prices.

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